Married to the Mafia. Capitulo Veintisiete (Captured Enemies)

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"Ya tenemos a los dos zetas en el sotano" Joel's cold voice came out of the black walkie-talkie that Santiago had been carrying around with him lately. "We're waiting for you." (We have the two Zetas in the basement.)

We were hanging out with Mike and Claire in the living room when the news from Joel came in through the walkie. Which meant Joel and Chamuco were already back from their mission, they had captured the two men working for Hector.

"Glad to hear you're back." Santiago pressed the button while he spoke into the tiny speaker. "I'm on my way..."

"Torturing them for information?" Mike's eyes sparkled evilly.

Santi nodded. "It's the only way I can find out what the hell Hector is planning to do."

"I'm coming with you, man!"

Claire rolled her eyes at her husbands childlike behavior but didn't seem surprised that he was acting like this when the lives of two men were at risk. She was used to it.

"Can I tag along?" I looked up at my boyfriend. My request seemed to have caught him off guard and he looked at me uneasily. "I don't know--"

"I promise I'll be quiet, I won't get in the way!"

"I'm not sure you're prepared to see something like this..."

"She's gotta start somewhere Santi" Claire backed me up and I smiled at her. "She can handle it."

Santiago didn't speak a word, he simply held out his hand for me to take and pulled me along with him. Mike followed behind us looking like a kid going to a candy store.

"You coming with us babe?" Mike asked his wife.

"Nah" she shook her head and raised her alcoholic drink. "I'll just finish my drink and wait for you all to come back."

Santiago lead the way to the back rooms of the mansion where most of the servants rooms were located, at the end of the hallway there was a black door that was kept locked.

I hadn't bothered before to ask why it was kept that way....but now I understood why.

Santiago pulled out a set of keys and opened the door, ushering us in behind him and locking the door after it was closed again. I could hear the loud cries and hisses of two men but it was too dark to make out anything in the room. He carefully helped me down a set of stairs and as we walked ahead I noticed a group of men standing in a large room that was illuminated by a single light bulb in the ceiling.

Chamuco was there and he was standing next to the two hostages who were tied down to some chairs looking up angrily at Joel who had his back to us.

"Buen trabajo hermanito. Ya veo que lograste capturar a los dos zetitas." Santiago's authoritative voice echoed around the room. (Good job little bro. I see you managed to capture the two Zetas.)

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