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The small lights illuminating the place all around were breathtaking. My eyes wandered off, taking in every single detail, the grass was a vibrant green color and there were flowers of all kinds in every corner. There was a white garden table set up in the center decorated with a string of green leaves all around it.

"This place is amazing"

"I'm glad to see you like it" he smiled; he gestured for me to follow him and pulled out one of the white chairs from the table. "This is where I come whenever I want to be by myself."

"So, who is the other person that knows about this place apart from us?" I asked. It had to be someone special to him.

"My mother" he gave me a sad smile, a look of longing crossing his face. He quickly looked away from me, probably feeling embarrassed. "She was the one who found this place and brought me to it. She was the one who decorated it and made it look how it is now; I've been the one to take care of it since she's gone."

I couldn't help feeling a bit special for being the only other person he told about this place.

"You've done a very good job taking care of it" I responded. "Your mom is probably very happy wherever she is..."

"Thank you."

"I can't believe you decided to show me out of all people"

He smiled. "This is going to sound a bit bizarre" he stated leaning in closer. "But even though I haven't known you for a long, I feel like I can trust you with anything."

Hearing him say this to me made my stomach flutter in excitement. He trusts me? I don't know what it is about this guy that makes me so giddy. He's the total opposite of what I look for in a man, there's no way in the world I would date a drug lord, seriously? Criminals are the last people on my dating list just because of the fact that I know what it feels like to live with one. Am I really going to follow my mother's footsteps?

Ugh. Why can't I just rip away everything I'm beginning to feel for Santiago? I can't let myself get heartbroken by a drug lord.

My eyes flicked up to his face, apprising the pair of blue eyes staring pointedly at me.

"I-I'm glad to hear you feel you trust me this m-much" I stuttered out lamely.

"You should feel special" his eyes on my lips. "I'm not the type of person to talk so freely about his feelings, but you're an exception."

"Why is that?"

He leaned into me, his blue eyes on mine and lips almost touching. "I don't have much time left with you, I've got to make my move while I still can."

His hand cupped my face and he kissed me. My body went rigid for a few a seconds, and then I began relax and kiss him back. The feeling of his lips on mine is something I've never felt before, I forgot about everything else and kissed him back, wrapping my arms around his neck.

I had no idea how long we kissed but by the time we pulled away from each other we were both trying to catch our breath and calm our fast beating hearts, well at least I was.

He leaned in to kiss me again but my thoughts went back to what I've said about dating a criminal and I reached out to push him away gently. "Wait..."

He looked down at me with a frown on his face. "What's wrong?"

"I can't do this" I pushed away from the table and stood awkwardly behind my chair, looking down at him.

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