The music in this chapter does not belong to me & in no way am I implying that famous singers Larry Hernandez and Gerardo Ortiz are part of the drug cartel life. THIS IS ALL FICTION, A WORK OF MY IMAGINATION. Enjoy.

What the Bustamante's called a "little get together with friends and family" was actually full out party that was a celebration as big as a quinceañera. Yes, there were a total of around 65 people gathered at the ranch but from what I've heard from some of the guests I've talked to, they've had parties where the whole state of Sinaloa showed up. I'm not surprised.

The famous ranch San Bernardino is located in the outskirts of Culiacan, Sinaloa where it is hidden from the rest of the state since most of the people live in the "Pueblos" which is what we call towns in the U.S.

Mom decided to have the party outside and round tables were placed in front of a little stage that was built from scratch for the musicians that were invited to perform tonight.

"Your mom is the best party planner" Sofi gushed, staring at all the details and decorations around us. "I want her to plan my wedding when I get married."

The place really did look amazing. My mother outdid herself with this one.

I couldn't help myself from teasing my friend. "And who will be the groom Daniel or Alex?"

"Ha ha very funny"

"Good one!" Nessa laughed high-fiving me.

The tension around the little love triangle between my brother and the two lovebirds was still as strong as ever, Alex had made it very clear that if Daniel were to mess up with Sofia he would be waiting to swoop in for another shot with her.

"This coming from the girl who has two brothers fighting over her..." Sofi shot back at me.

"I have never given Joel any reason to think that I'm interested in him. I don't know what's wrong with the guy. He pisses me off"

And he still hasn't brought up the conversation he had with me about 'history repeating itself', but even though it's killing me to know what went down with him and Santiago, I will have to find out the truth on my own.

I won't give him the satisfaction of having something like this over me, there's no way I'll owe him anything.

"Santiago on the other hand is the man of your dreams...." Nessa wiggled her eyebrows.

Oh, yes he is. Santiago. Dark and mysterious Santiago. With those deep blue eyes that drive me crazy...

"En donde esta mi sobrina favorita?!" (Where is my favorite niece?)

I turned around in my chair to see two guys dressed like Mexican cowboys, both of them with gun holsters around their shoulders and they were walking towards me. Two men that I hadn't seen since I was 15.

Tio Felix and Tio Carlos, my father's younger brothers who had been by his side all these years trying to keep the Gulf Cartel as one of the best.

"Your only niece, Tio Felix. I'm not that gullible little girl anymore who you tried to bribe with candy and gifts so that I could say you were her favorite uncle."

He picked me up in a hug and spun in a circle. There was a huge smile in his face when he finally put me down in front of him. "Look at you all grown up! And such a beautiful woman."

"Gracias Tio" I walked to my Tio Carlos and gave him a hug too. Unlike Felix my Tio Carlos was the calm and reasonable one out of the Romano brothers but I could still see how happy he was to see me again.

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