I couldn't help gasping at the scene in front of me when we finally arrived to the beach. It was the biggest party I have ever attended; there were people everywhere you looked. Everyone was wearing either swimming-suits or shorts; it looked like a beach party you only see on TV.

People walked around laughing and talking, other were splashing around in the water or swimming and others were dancing to the songs played by the large speakers set up on either side of a small little restaurant that was located not very far off from the beach.

"This party is amazing!" I said to Diego as we walked behind him, trying to keep up with him and not get sucked into the crowd.

He grabbed my hand and pulled me along, but I didn't really mind since that was best way not to lose him. With my other hand I was grabbing on to Sofi who had Nessa following right behind.

Chamuco led us over to a part of the beach where it was much calmer and people were just sitting around getting tans or just chatting it up with friends.

"Pretty awesome party, huh?" Diego said as he bobbed his head to the music.

"So cool. I love it!" Nessa responded. "We should go dance guys; I'm in a dancing mood."

"Yeah let's go!" Sofi agreed.

Diego turned to glance at the restaurant and then turned to look back at us. "You girls go on ahead. I need to go check in with my boss and check if he needs anything, I'll be back as soon as I can"

I gave him a small nod before heading over to the dancing bodies. My friends and I danced along to the music and soon enough we were joined by a few guys, at one point we were all separated. I got asked to dance by very cute guy with hazel eyes and curly hair, we talked and he seemed to be a pretty cool dude.

After dancing a few songs with him we decided to just walk around the beach to cool off.

"Are you a local here?" I asked him, trying to make conversation.

"Yeah, I've lived in Acapulco all my life. It's a very beautiful place isn't it?"

"Very. Do you always have parties this big?"

He shrugged. "Yes, but this is the biggest party we've ever had. There's rumors going around that it was organized by a very powerful drug lord"

I felt my stomach drop as soon as I heard this.

Drug lord? Just my luck, to be at a party where the host is a criminal.

"Are you serious?" I asked through gritted teeth.

"Well that's what everyone is saying, but I'm not sure"

The guy gave me a concerned look. "Are you alright? You look a little pale."

"I'm fine. Just a little tired from all the dancing"

I shouldn't be freaking out over this; he said he wasn't sure...so people are probably trying to make the party sound interesting. I don't think a drug lord would even bother to throw a party here. Most of them always host them in private places.

"Gabby!" I heard voices yelling my name.

I turned to see my friends standing by the water, they motioned for me to go over so I turned to my companion.

"I should go with my friends, it was nice talking to you."

He smiled. "I'll see you around, Gabby."

Before walking over to my friends I pulled off my shorts and tank-top and placed them in a chair where I could keep a close eye on them. As soon as I reached them they started splashing me with water, I put my arms over my face to protect myself but it was nearly impossible since it was two against one.

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