I wasn't sure what Santiago's plan was but I followed him downstairs to the second floor of the house. We could hear the laughter of our friends hanging out in the living room.

"Gabby! You're not going to believe it!" Nessa shot up from her seat like a madwoman. "We were right!"

"What are you talking about?" I raised an eyebrow at my red-headed friend who was bouncing up and down in excitement.

"Show her! Show her!" she yelled at her younger sister.

My boyfriend and I looked at Sofia who raised her left hand up for us to see, my eyes widened when I saw the beautiful ring on her finger.

"WE'RE GETTING MARRIED!" Sofia and Daniel announced out loud with a big smile on their faces.

"Wow!" I shared a knowing look with Santi before walking over to hug the happy couple. "Congratulations to you both!"

I had to force a smile on my face as I stood in front of my best friend. It was amazing to see my friend so happy with her engagement but I felt horrible knowing Santi and I were about to give them bad news on such a special day for her.

"Gabby and I always swore Sofia was going to be the first one to get married out of all of us...and look at her now!" Ness informed Leo, who had his eyes on Santiago's rigid stance next to me.

"Felicidades primo" Santi stepped forward to hug his cousin and Sofia. "Welcome to the family, Sofi." (Congratulations cousin)

"What's going on with you two?" Sofi tilted her head to look at me. "Why do you look so upset?"

Santiago cleared his throat, before taking the initiative to tell them what we just found out. "We were watching the news upstairs and there was a report on the news...there was a picture of you, Vanessa and Gabriela on TV. The FBI is looking for you girls."

Nessa and Sofi were stunned.

"They said your parents were the ones to report us missing to the FBI." I explained.

"Fuck." Nessa cursed out loud.

"I forgot about them."Sofi groaned and closed her eyes in frustration, "I only called them once or twice after we went to live to the mansion. With everything that's happened I forgot to stay in contact with them...they must be so worried about us."

"I promise you we'll try to fix this" Nessa said to Santi. "We didn't mean to get you guys in more trouble."

"I have a plan." Santi said to all of us. He had to refused to say anything while we were in our room, so I would be hearing this for the first time too. "It's time you girls head back to Chicago."



When Santiago said it was time for us to go back to Chicago my heart stopped at the thought of being away from him. But he was quick to assure us that the guys and him would be coming along with us.

Which brought me to the dilemma my best friends and I were currently facing.

"How much longer are they going to have us here?" Nessa threw her head back in annoyance.

The three of us were sitting in a small office surrounded by Border Patrol officers in every corner of the building. All of our belongings had been taken away from us to be searched by an officer.

Santi's plan was simple. The three of us would head back to the U.S just like any other normal person, we still had our American citizenship and there was nothing incriminating us to prevent us from going back home. And just like Santi had predicted, we were stopped by officers while trying to cross the first checking point towards the U.S.

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