"Gabbs you are not going to believe all the stuff they have in this house, I think I'm in heaven" Nessa yelled out, walking towards Santiago and I from the other side of the hallway. 

Sofi, Alex and Daniel were right behind her, I could see Alex pointing out some stuff to the girls so I assumed the group were having small tour so the girls could find their way around the large mansion.

"You'll have to show me around so I won't get lost" I told her as soon as we reached the small group.

"It's already late and you girls haven't gotten any sleep, do you want me to show you to your room?" Santiago turned to look at me.

I shook my head. "No thanks, I think the girls and I will have a sleepover so we'll all stay in one room for tonight."

"We're staying in your room" Nessa pointed a finger at me. "Yours is the biggest one, we already know how to get there."

"Lead the way"

"I think we all need to talk about what happened, how bout' we arrange a meeting for tomorrow?" Daniel said, looking at Sofi with a hopeful glint on his eyes.

"A meeting?" she scoffed. "I can't believe we never figured out what you guys were. Who the hell calls for a meeting!?"

Everyone turned to look at her with a shocked expression, it was very rare of her to be rude to someone. This whole situation must have upset her a lot for her to be acting like this with Daniel, but in a way I'm glad she isn't okay with all of this. They all lied to us about something that's a big part of their lives.

He turned to her with his lips pressed in a tight line. "Please, just hear us out. If you decide to still be mad at us after I explain everything I'll leave you alone and respect your decision."

Sofi kept ignoring him, and me feeling completely tired with the thought of a comfortable bed in mind, had to step up and get this guy to shut up so we could be on our way. " Yeah, Yeah. We can all talk tomorrow lover boy." I waved my hand.

"Gabby!" she growled, shaking her head.

"Dude I'm tired. I just want to go get some sleep!" I whined, leaning my head on Nessa's shoulder. Santiago had a hand over his mouth, probably trying to keep himself from laughing at my actions.

Sofia sighed and nodded. "Whatever. Let's go."

"Thank you" Daniel breathed out a sigh of relief, sending a grateful nod my way.

Turning on my heel I followed Vanessa who was literally skipping all the way to my room. I didn't even bother to glance around at my surroundings, feeling totally drained out of energy. I walked into a large white door after my friends and found myself standing in the middle of a large gorgeous room, the walls were a light green color and there was a large king sized bed in the back center of the room. I also had a small living room area where I had a plasma T.V. and a small couch with a side table and a telephone on top which I assumed could be used to make calls but everything that was spoken through the phone would be supervised by some creeper who would immediately alert the bosses if we said anything about our location.

I know exactly how the minds of these drug dealers work.

"Oh the perks of being a rich ass" Nessa let her body fall on my bed.

I walked over to the bed and stripped down to my undergarments. My brother told us they had sent people to the hotel to get our stuff but they haven't mentioned anything about our belongings being here already, and at the moment I don't feel like hunting them down....so we'll just have to do with sleeping in our underwear.

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