Married to the Mafia. Capitulo Cuatro (Party!)

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Sofi had her hands full of different colored swim suits, she threw them into her large neon traveling bag and walked back to the closet.

"I still can't believe we're on our way to Acapulco!" Vanessa gushed. "I'm ready to party!"

Acapulco, Mexico is one of the most beautiful and exotic places in the world. It's filled with tourists from all over the world.

We're in for a real treat.

"What are all these swim suits for?" I walked over and picked up some of the two-piece bikinis in Sofi's bag. "We're only going for a week, not a month."

Sofi rolled her eyes at me. "Acapulco is full of hot guys! And I'm ready to show off my beach body" she twirled around. 

Now that...I wasn't expecting.

I grabbed my bag and placed it outside our bedroom door. Vanessa was almost done packing her things; we only  packed the necessary stuff. Sofi on the other hand...let's just say she still has a lot more stuff to fit into her suitcase.

I had called my mother that morning to let her know we're  leaving. She sounded a little worried over the phone but I kept reassuring her that everything would be fine. I promised to call her as soon as we arrived to Acapulco.

My brother Alex had also called me, he wanted to let me know he arrived in Mexico safely, and I informed him the girls and I were going to Acapulco. He took the opportunity to remind me of what I should say if I got into some kind of trouble.

I'm a big girl, I know how to take care of myself just fine.

"I'm going to make a few sandwiches' so we can eat on our way to the airport." I walked out of the room and into the kitchen.

Our apartment was spotless, we spent most of the night cleaning around so that when we get back we can just relax and get done with things faster.

I quickly made some ham sandwiches' and packed them in ziplock baggies. 


We arrived at the airport at exactly seven-forty-five, our flight was leaving at eight-thirty but we still had to go through security check.

After having to go through the hassle of having strangers look through my stuff and check my body for any dangerous weapons, we finally got on our plane. We handed over our tickets to the flight attendant standing outside the gate. The rows on the plane had three seats.


"Please take a seat and buckle up" the flight attendant ordered us as she walked down the aisle to greet the other passengers.

"This is going to be so boring" Nessa whined slumping against her seat. "I want to be in Acapulco already!"

"You're always so impatient" Sofi said pointing an accusing finger at her sister. "This is why our parents never want to take us on vacations with them."

"Whatever" Vanessa grumbled turning away from us and looking out the window.

I spent most of the flight reading a book. Vanessa had surprisingly fallen asleep while Sofi was listening to music on her phone and seemed to be in her own little world.

I really hope this vacation was a good idea. I need to get rid of all the stress I've been feeling lately; ever since I've been hearing all this stuff about the drug war in Mexico I haven't been feeling the same.

Sure, I know I'm supposed to be used to feeling this way....but this drug war has grown to be a bigger deal then it used to be when I was younger. I won't ever be able to fully cut my ties with the drug cartels because they are my family. 

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