Performances 1

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Makaela's POV:

The week passed in a blur. Soon enough it was the day we had to perform for our vocal coaching class. Zoe, Amber, Tasmin and I were so nervous. Sarah couldn't do it because she has a sore throat. So our teacher made her do something else. Her and Rox were still there to support us. We invited the boys to come and watch us. The boys included One Direction, Drew and Brax. Roxy invited Brandon. I was excited and so damn nervous at the same time.

"Okay girls, this is your order!" said our teacher, Damon, walking in with a sheet of paper. He was a guy in his mid-twenties. He was pretty good looking and he was happily married. We all ran eager to see our order. Zoe, Amber, Tasmin and I were the last four. Tasmin would go first, followed by Amber, then Zoe and finally me. I would be lying if I said I didn't get extra nervous when I found out I'd go last.

"I don't wanna go first between us!" said Tass with a worried look on her face.

"You'll do great, Tass!" said Zoe reassuringly.

"Yeah, we'll be standing backstage. Look at your sides and we'll be standing there cheering you on!" said Amber.

"Plus, Niall came to see you!' I said wiggling my eyebrows.

"Ughh! Makaela, that doesn't make my nervousness go away you know!" she said glaring at me. I laughed in response. She was too adorable to tease.

"WE ARE GONNA START! JENNA HAMILTON, YOU'RE UP FIRST!" yelled the stage manager. Jenna walked past us and threw a nervous smile in our direction.

"You'll do great!" I said reassuringly.

"Wait girls! Wait!" came in Damon, "FYI, this won't be just an assignment. This will be counted as your final exam grade! Good luck!" he said walking out with a wicked grin. Ohmygosh! Freak out time!

"What I'm I gonna do?! I'll mess up!" whined Amber. She started pacing back and forth.

"Me too!" said Zoe. Ad for Tass I was afraid she'll start bawling. I was so nervous but I decided to be the calm one.

"You guys don't think of it as an exam, think of it as assignment! We'll all do great!" I said hoping my nervousness didn't show in my voice. When their postures seemed to relax a little bit I knew I did a pretty good job. Maybe I should consider a career change and become an actress instead. I said smirking to myself. We stood around hearing each person go on. Every person was better than the one before. It got us really nervous. There's really high expectations we have to live up to.When our turn was coming near we went to fix our makeup and put on the clothes we'll wear.

Tasmin wore a one sleeve blue dress shirt and black leggings. Her hair was pulled up in a messy bun. I forced her into putting eyeliner. She looked beautiful, as usual (A/N: Picture of her one the side). Amber was wearing a sleeveless jean jacket and black skinny jeans. She put her hair into a quiff and the rest of it was down. She had black eyeliner and mascara on. She looked beautiful too. Zoe was wearing a long pink dress, that I forced her into cause it seemed fitting to the song. I had also put makeup on her. If you haven't noticed, all my friends hated having makeup on except Amber. I put light pink eyeshadow for her, mascara, black eyeliner and light pink lipstick. She looked gorgeous. It was kinda depressing how all my friends can look absolutely beautiful without trying. I was wearing a really, really short silver dress that my friends forced me into. I guess it was some kind of revenge. I put eyeliner, mascara and Zoe forced me to put red lipstick.

"TASMIN COOPER, YOU'RE UP!" yelled the stage manager ushering Tass to go on stage. Tass looked at us with frantic eyes. We all gave her thumbs up. I mouthed 'Niall' and winked. She rolled her eyes and turned to walked into stage. We all went to stand in the side of the stage. The music started and Tasmin stood there in the dark waiting for her part. (A/N: Open the external link!) The light focused on her and she started singing;

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