New Years' Eve

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Zoe's POV:

We all left the hospital room and sat on the benches outside the room. I wasn't gonna leave. As much as I wanted to go, I'm not gonna leave my best friend alone in a hospital. Justin came and sat opposite me.

He sighed. "Look, I don't wanna leave either." I scoffed and he rolled his eyes. "I really don't, okay? But you don't hear what she tells me. Every night since she's been in here. About how bad she feels that you guys didn't even have a good Christmas and now you're not gonna even go to the party. You don't think she knew that you guys were gonna say no?" he finished with furrowed eyebrows.

I ignored everything he said. "Please. She didn't even start talking to you till like two days ago." I rolled my eyes. Justin groaned and I smirked.

"The point being she feels really bad, Zoe. She feels like it's her fault you're not going to the party." he told me trying to convince me. "If you were in her position, how would you feel? Roxanne?" he asked. I looked at Rox and she looked uncomfortable. "Amber? Tasmin?" both of them had guilty expressions on their faces. "Leanne?" she bit down on her lip uncomfortably. "Zoe?" he asked lastly as he looked back at me.

I honestly wouldn't let them stick around here for me instead of going to the party because I would feel extremely guilty. "It's different." I said softly. "Is it really?" he asked rhetorically. I groaned. "Fine. I'll go. But I'm not gonna enjoy it."

Justin tried to hide his smirk unsuccessfully and I rolled my eyes. He looked at the rest of the girls who nodded. He got up and clapped his hands together. "Okay, perfect. Let's go." he said as he started walking with Kenny in front of him and I followed him begrudgingly.

Justin took us all to Amber's house where we showered before wearing dresses and fixing our hair and adding a little makeup. We did each other's hair and makeup.

When we were all finished, I can honestly say that everyone looked gorgeous. Amber was wearing a short sleeveless blue dress with black boot heels. Lee was wearing a knee-length black dress that had some silver linings with silver heels. Rox wore a short sleeveless purple dress with black pumps. Tasmin wore a knee-length white dress with black flats. While I was wearing a knee-length dark purple dress with black flats.

Everyone's hair was wavy. Our makeup was the basics. Black eyeliner, mascara, blush, and lip gloss. We didn't want to overdo it.

When we came out of Amber's room, Justin was on his phone while smiling. Wonder who he texting. I looked over his shoulder and saw Kae. I smirked and tapped him on the shoulder. He turned and his eyes widened. "You guys look amazing." he said with a smile. I curtsied playfully and laughed. "Come on. We're already late." he said as he opened the front door and rushed us all out.

When we got to the party, it was already in full swing. It was nine pm when we reached the penthouse, where the party was at. The front door was unlocked (as usual) so we walked right in. We could hear the music from the elevator. But now, you could actually feel the ground shake from underneath you.

The girls all went in but Justin didn't walk into the house, I looked back questioningly at him. "Aren't you coming?" I asked confused. He looked at me, apparently shocked that I noticed. "Uhh.. I gotta go take care of something but I'll be right back." he said as he scratched the back of his neck. My face turned serious. "Don't hurt her." I said as I looked into his eyes. "I would never." he said sincerely, quickly catching on about who I was talking about. I nodded and smiled before turning to walk in.

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