The fight

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Another chappie! Sorry for not uploading for a few days but I actually didn't feel like writing and to make matters worse my laptop isn't working! Anyways, I hope you guys like this <3 xx

Makaela's POV:

This week went by very fast. It was already Thursday. My friends seem to get crazier by the day, if that's possible. I didn't see Walter all week. Drew and his mom make me feel safe when they're here because I'm always at their house and Walter doesn't get to do anything. Much to my happiness and much to his misfortune.

"MS PETERS!" I jolted upright when I looked up I realized that I had dozed off to La La land yet again. Our music theory class teacher Mrs. Adams is sick of me dozing off. It isn't my fault she's boring. She was looking at me with narrowed eyes.

"We seem to not be part of your "interest" zone Ms Peter? Just because you know a worldwide phenomenon doesn't mean that you're allowed to be rude and not concentrate! Friendships will only get you so far!" Ever since she found out that I'm best friends with "Justin Bieber" she's been throwing it at my face. I wish I could say something but unfortunately I can't because I'm on scholarship. She knows that I can't say anything; I think that's why she winds me up.

"Sorry Ms" I mumbled. She smiled at me with a mischievous grin and turned back to Music Theory. It was the most boring class I have to take. We all have to take it except for Roxanne since she's majoring in acting, dancing and visual arts. The rest of us are majoring in music, acting and dancing.

The bell finally rung and I carried my stuff and scurried out of class. As soon as I walked out the door Tass, Am, Zo and Sarah joined me. 

"What was that about?" Asked Tass concerned. 

"I don't know. Ever since she found out that I'm friend with Drew she keeps throwing that in my face! It's so annoying!" I told them.

"Yeah I know it is babe, but why didn't you reply to her?" Asked Am.

"Errr... because... ummmm" I looked at Zoe for help but she just smirked at me. The others didn't know that I was on scholarship because the questions would never stop because it is pretty bizarre that the daughter of the owner of the most powerful law companies in the country is on scholarship. Am was still looking at me and so were Tass and Sarah.

"Hey guys!" said Rukz when she met up with us in the hallway. I silently thanked God. 

"Hey Rukz!" I replied too enthusiastically. She gave me a 'what the hell is wrong with you' look. Thankfully the others just dropped it.

"You guys will never guess who's in my visual arts class! Am and Zo, please don't kill me?" She said with a sweet smile. I already knew who she's gonna say and - talk about the devil. He's walking towards us. Although he had his eyes fixed on Rukz. Someone has a crush, perhaps? Amber and Zoe looked at him and Rukz turned around to look at him then back at Amber and Zoe. Rukz shrugged with a half worried smile on her face. They just gaped at her. Suddenly someone burst out laughing. We all looked to our side saw Tass cracking up. 

"Y-You g-guys should see you-yourselves!" She croaked out and kept laughing. We all looked at Amber and Zoe and cracked up too. They had a 'what the hell' look on their faces. They were standing there with mouths wide open gaping at Rukz. When they recovered and noticed that the new guy's close to us they closed their mouths and looked at each other for any faults. Then they both winked at the same time. They turned to look at the guy and if I may say he was shocked for a second but he recovered fast. They were both standing there with their "sexy" faces on and lips slightly pouted. As he passed us he had a full on smirk. They groaned when he seemed totally uninterested in them. Then as if a light bulb lit in their heads they ran to Rukz and both spoke at the same time, "He's in your class right?" They asked too happily. This weirded all of us out since we thought they'll say how jealous they are and say they'll kill Rukz jokingly.

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