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Leanne's POV:

Liam was talking about everything while he held my hand. I loved it when he just talked like this. He looks like a little kid blabbering excitedly. I just smiled while he lead the way to the bumper cars. It was our favorite ride. He looked really good tonight. Not that he didn't every other night. When we got to the ride we handed the man 2 tickets each. We both picked purple cars. Since we both loved it. I strapped the belt securely but Liam came to make sure I did.

"Liam, I'm not a kid you know" I said with a grin.

"I'm just making sure" he said with a smile as he went to his car. The game started and we kept laughing through the whole thing. A guy bumped into me jokingly and I think Liam burnt a hole into his head. Silly boy. Since we first met Liam's been very protective over me. I remember the first day we met like it was yesterday. I'll never forget it.


"Here you go Ms. Brody! Your parents must be so proud!" said my principal as he handed me my marks. There was an exam that all the Juniors in the country had to do, and I got the highest mark. I was so happy. When they asked me to come to the school in the middle of the summer I got worried at first because they couldn't have called me down unless my marks were incredibly amazing or incredibly bad. And I thought it was the latter. I can't wait to show this to my parents. 

As soon as I entered the house I headed to the living room knowing that they'll be there. When I entered my mom and dad were sitting watching tv and laughing at something. 

"Hey mom, hey dad!" I said grinning really widely. They looked up at me with a bored expression.

"What?" asked my father.

"So remember the exams every Junior in the country had to take?" I said excitedly.

"Speaking of exams, HANNAH DARLING HOW'S EVERYTHING GOING?" my dad shouted asking my older sister.

"Oh, not so good" said Hannah as she walked in. "I got the bottom 10 marks in the whole course!"

"That's alright honey. You'll get better!" said my dad as he patted her leg. My mom nodded in agreement.

"Hey mom, do you like this project?" asked my little brother, Josh, as he walked in. 

"I LOVE IT!" said my mom looking at his project with admiration. She then pulled him to sit on her lap. I was looking down at my family and I couldn't help but notice how perfect of a family they all looked without me. My sister and dad laughing about something, and my mom and brother talking about his project. They were all blond and I was the only one with brown hair which I inherited from my mom's side. My grandma was a brunette. I felt like an outsider looking at my own family. I look nothing like any of them. Apparently I look exactly like my grandma when she was my age.

"Hey mom? Dad?" I called them but neither of them looked up. It was like I was invisible. "MOM!" I yelled and that grabbed her attention.

"WHAT LEANNE?" my mom snapped.

"As I was saying, I GOT THE HIGHEST MARKS IN THE STATE!" I said grinning until my cheeks hurt. 

"Good for you" said my mom with a blank look and she turned her attention back to her 'family'. Tears welled up in my eyes as I ran out of there and into my room. My sanctuary. I took off my jacket and threw it on the bed as I bawled my eyes out.

I looked down my arms, saw the scars and cried some more. I feel horrible after I see the marks but at the moment of utter despair, I feel really good. I grabbed the razor and I put it to my skin as my mom barged into my room. I dropped the razor so that she wouldn't see it and hid my arms.

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