The boys (Picture of 1D)

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Liam's POV:

Another day at the studio. I'm so tired today. Yesterday we partied all night. It was so much fun. We danced. Everyone had fun. We tried the hooka last night too. New experience. We coughed our lungs out. Not cool. But it was fun nevertheless. Makaela's a great girl. I'm happy for her indeed. I loved that she treats Leanne like they've been friends forever.


I know that's a text cause the vibration. I looked at my phone and saw it's a text from Lee, that immediately put a smile on my face. It read, "Hey baby, you up yet? -Lee xx". Lee really is amazing. I honestly don't know how she puts up with me. I mean with all the travelling. The hardest thing is probably being away from her. I would get fed up with me. But she takes it all with a smile on her face. That's what I love about her. With everything, she just sees the bright side. Even if she was totally down she'll do her best to make others happy. But I hate the wall she has sometimes. She doesn't like to talk about her problems. I think she thinks she'll burden me which is just silly, I'll honestly do anything for that girl. Especially everything she's been through, I wish she would talk to me more often. I'm gonna call her. This was kinda my ritual. She'll be the first one I call in the morning and the last one at night. She picked up on the third ring. Knowing her, she probably left her phone in her room and now she's running to pick up.

"Hey" she asked out of breathe. I knew it.

"Good morning beautiful" I said with a grin on my face. If the boys were here they're say how whipped I am cause of the look on my face right now.

"Mornin' handsome" she said giggling.

"How are you today, love?"

"Kinda sore"

"Same here"

"So, what are your plans for today?"

"Studio" I said grumpily.

"Hahahaha, you love recording! What's wrong?"

"I'd honestly rather spend the day with you"

"I'll come by the studio at 3:30, then you're mine for the rest of the day. How does that sound?" she said making me smile.

"Perfect!" I told her excitedly. She just giggled.

"Bye baby, I gotta go to class!" she said hurriedly.

"Oh, okay. Have a good day! I love you"

"You too and Love you too!" she said as she hung up. Now I can't wait to get to the studio cause that means I'll get to see her soon!

As I walked out of the room with a grin the boys were sitting in the island of the kitchen and they all looked up.

'WHIPPED!" yelled Harry and the rest of them just snickered.

"Oh coming from you?" I asked him and then added in a high-pitched voice "OH MY GOSH! MAKAELA I'M SO IN LOVE YOU! WHY WON'T YOU LOOK AT ME?" The boys all cracked up, except for Harry. He mumbled saying, "I don't sound like that!" Niall looked like he would burst from laughing, but then again what's new.

"Hey lads, you ready to hit the studio?" said Louis as he was getting up.

"Lou I just woke up! I need to get dressed, remember?" I said pointing down to my boxers. He just shrugged and walked into the living room picking up the Wii remote, probably wanting to play Mario Kart or something. That boy is strange.



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