My savior? (Picture of Brax)

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Makaela's POV:

Vocal Coaching was so much fun. We had to reach different notes and we warmed our voices. We were also told that we had an assignment due 2 weeks from now. For the assignment we had to perform a solo song each. It'd be marked according to if we hit the right notes. We were all looking forward to that. As soon as we walked out of class we saw Rox practically running towards us. "

What's up?" asked Sarah.

"YOU. GUYS. WOULD. NOT. BELIEVE. WHAT. JUST. HAPPENED!" she gushed out of breath.

"What happened?" asked Tass.

"Can we talk about it somewhere else cause people are starting to leave" said Zoe.

"Let's meet at the diner round the corner, Kay?" I asked. Everyone murmured an 'okay'. We all left the school and everyone went to their car. I went with Zoe. When we reached we all sat at the booth in the back. Rukz was practically jumping in her seat with what I assume is excitement.

"So you dragged us over here so we can watch you jumping in your seat?" I asked her.

"Brandon. Kissed. Me." she said each word separately. I broke into a grin and when I looked at everyone else they all had different expressions. Tass was grinning and so was Sarah, Amber and Zoe were gaping. When we saw their faces we all cracked up. They sobered up and smiled, "I'm happy for you. You just caught me by surprise!" said Amber. "Yeah me too" agreed Zoe, "Now tell us EVERYTHING!" We all nodded.

Rox got the biggest smile on her face and she told us what happened. "Awww, ohmygod that is so friggin cute!" I said with a hand over my heart. "I know!" said Amber. The rest of them just starting laughing. "Y-you guys ar-are such sa-sappy romantics!" Tass managed to croak between laughter. "I know" I said with a frown and then smiled.


My phone's ringtone Written in the Stars blasted. I took out my phone and I saw it was an unknown number.

"Hello" I answered.

"Hi. Is this Makaela?" spoke a woman that I didn't recognize.

"Errmm... Yeah it is but who's this?"

"This is L.A. Reid's secretary. I called you because Mr. Reid wanted to talk to you. I will transfer to Mr. Reid. May you hold please?"

"Ohmygod. Yeah, okay!" excitement and nervousness suddenly surged through me. My friends were all looking at me curiously. I mouthed 'L.A. Reid'. They all squealed and I smiled. I honestly love how excited they are for me.

"Makaela?" spoke L.A. Reid.

"Errr... Y-yeah!" I spoke. Okay the nervous part of me won.

He laughed, "Don't be so nervous. You're an amazing singer. The most important thing in a performer is confidence. So let me cut you out of your misery and tell you my decision. You ready?" He asked me.

"Y-Yeah" I stuttered cause I was so nervous. My friends were looking at me worriedly. I just bit my lip nervously.

"Well I decided to sign you to my label!"

"OHMYGOD!" I shrieked and when I realized he was on the phone I winced, "I'm so sorry Mr. Reid. Thank you so much. I promise you won't regret it!"

He laughed and said, "That's okay and I hope I don't. I know you'll make us proud. I have a meeting. Meet with me at the label tomorrow to talk. My secretary will call you to arrange it with you. Have a good day Makaela!" he said with amusement in his voice.

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