Anonymous British boy?

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Makaela's POV:

"Errrmmm... You guys might wanna take this outside?" Drew suggested. I glared at him but got up anyways.

It's not him I'm mad at. I'm mad at that stupid little bi- Breathe Makaela. GOD. I can't believe Drew's girlfriend is a girl like this! I never knew he'd stoop so low!

"Justin make a choice right here and now! Me or her?" demanded the bitch, interrupting my thoughts. God. Drew sure knew how to pick 'em. Her voice is so annoying, I would rather kill myself than hear her speak.

"Errrr..... ummmmmm....errrmmmmm.." Drew stuttered. Wait, why the eff was he stuttering. HE COULDN'T MAKE A CHOICE?!! ME WHO'S ALWAYS BEEN THERE FOR HIM, HIS BEST FRIEND SINCE BIRTH AND THIS NEW BITCH, HE COULDN'T MAKE A CHOICE? DAMMIT. I KNEW IT! All men are the same. I just thought that perhaps... perhaps Drew was different. Thanks for proving me wrong, "best friend".

"Seeing as you can't make up your mind, I'll make the decision much easier for you!" and with that I walked away cause I knew that if I stayed for one second more he'd see my tears and I didn't want that. I walked away and as I did I felt like I left half of my heart behind me. I gotta leave right now. I stopped a cab, got in and gave him directions to Zoe's house.

I knew that she'd think Walter hit me cause it's pretty late and I'm here. That's practically the only time I come this late. It was 10:50 pm already. Let me call her so that I don't wake her parents up.

"Hey Makaela are you okay?" she asked frantically.

"Yeah *sniff* I'm fine. Can you just open the door for me?"

"Why are you crying? Ohmygod. What did he do? Makaela I'm telling you, you should move out-" That's when I hung up not wanting to hear it twice knowing she'd tell me the same thing once she saw me. I knew she was really worried since I never really cried when Walter hit me. A couple of tears and that's it. I would never really cry cause I can't cry every single night. I got used to it by now.

The door swung open and she was still talking on the phone. Oh dear lord. I should've known she wouldn't notice since she doesn't give a person a chance to say anything. I laughed and she looked at me with a quizzical look. I must've looked funny since I had tear traces on my cheeks and I'm laughing.

"Nice chat?" I asked and nodded towards her phone.

......................"YOU HUNG UP!" she accused with a shocked expression. There we go. I knew it'd hit her sooner or later.

"What's wrong Kaela?"

I forgot all about it. Zoe is like Drew, she makes me forget about my problems and laugh when I don't even want to smile. All my friends are like that. I guess I got the finest in the world. Speaking of Drew, I started crying again. Gosh. I really need to stop crying over that AHole. Zoe hugged me and ushered me inside. When we got to her room, she sat me on her bed and went to get me water.

When she came back I drank the whole glass in one gulp. All that crying must've really dried my throat. Zoe sat next to me looking really worried. When I looked at her she was biting her lip and looking down at her hands while she fiddled with them. When she raised her head I saw tears in her eyes. I got really worried because Zoe never cries. I mean never. She's this bubbly person that shares her beauty and her bubbliness to everyone around her.

"ohmygod. Zo what's wrong?" I asked as I gave her a tight side hug.

"You never cry Kaela. Whatever he does, I've never seen you cry. What did he do this time? Please don't tell me it was more than physical abuse. Cause if it is I swear I'm gonna go kill him." she said while crying.

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