Making things right

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It was already New Years' eve. It has been three days since I kissed Drew. Well he kissed me, but still. We had been talking a lot more since then but neither one of us brought up that kiss. I was currently sitting on the hospital bed with Zoe, Amber, Rox and Tasmin sitting with me on the bed. How we all fit on it,

is beyond me. None of them knew about what happened with Drew. I didn't know how to tell them. Drew went back home to get a change of clothes.

"Hey guys, I have to tell you something." I said nervously, biting my lip. They all looked at me waiting for me to continue. I didn't so Rox and Zoe sighed.

"For god's sake, tell us!" Rox said with an eye roll. Zoe nodded her head as her eyes narrowed. I was really nervous for some reason.

"Drew kissed me." I whispered. I looked up and Zoe and Rox both had smirks on their faces. The creepy smirks, might I add. Tass and Amber had confused expressions. "Wait, what? I didn't hear you." Amber said in a confused tone. Tass nodded her head in agreement. Rox shushed her and scooted closer to me. "Tell me everything!" Zoe said excitedly before Rox could get anything out.

"Umm... I don't know." I said not really knowing what to say. Zoe narrowed her eyes at me and I laughed. "Bitch please." she said with an eye roll. I sighed and told them everything that happened. When I finished they all had creepy grins on their faces but Tass's cheeks were sorta red. "Enough about me, Zoe what's going on with Zayn?" I asked with a smirk. Her cheeks blushed a little. "We've been texting a lot. He called a few times but yeah, that's it. They're not coming back until the third of Jan." she finished with a pout. I smirked. I happened to know that they were coming back tonight, but they asked me not to say anything because they wanted to surprise the girls.

A knock echoed through the room. We all snapped our gazes to the door. Leanne opened the door. I pursed my lips, guiltily. She looked at me with a sad expression. I scooted to one side of the bed and patted the bed, silently asking her to come. She closed the door softly and walked over to the bed. She seemed kind of hesitant at first but soon sat.

"Hey guys." she said in a soft tone. They all got up to hug her. I put one arm around her and pulled her in for a one-sided hug. "How are you?" I asked with a small smile. I felt extremely guilty. I had no right to burst at her like I did. "Good, I guess." she answered me. "You?" she asked with a worried expression. "I'm good. Now that I have all my girls here." I said with a grin. She laughed. It sounded more like a laugh of relief. Why was she worried? It was all my fault. I planned on talking to her later when we were alone.

"How's Liam?" I asked with a wink. She slightly blushes and smiled at the mention of his name. "He's good. I miss him though." she said with a small smile. I nodded understandingly. "Niall?" I asked looking at Tass. She blushed ferociously. "I wouldn't know. We haven't talked recently." she said with a shrug. I cocked my head to the side in surprise. "How come?" I asked her.

"I don't know. He texts me weird stuff." she said with furrowed eyebrows. I had a confused expression on my face. "Lemme see." I said while holding out my hand for her phone. She took it out of her pocket and place it on my hand. I opened her texts and saw Niall's. I smirked when I saw him attempting to flirt with her. "It's called flirting, darling." I said amusedly. "Tassmo!" Rox groaned as she hit her on the shoulder. "W-What?" Tass asked as a blush arose on her cheeks. We all laughed which made her blush even more.

"What about Brandon?" Zoe asked Rox with a smirk who's smile widened at the mention of his name. "That boy's gonna kill me." she answered with a smile. "How so?" Leanne asked. "Firstly, he's beautiful. Like oh my god, may God have mercy, hot." she said as she fanned herself. We all laughed. "I'm serious. Secondly, he's the sweetest thing ever. He does these random sweet things that make me fall in love with him." she finished with a shrug. I looked at her with shock. "In love?" I asked her surprised. I've never heard Roxanne talk like this about a boy. Ever. "Yeah. In love." she smiled. "Not like I'll ever tell him first. Pfftt." she said while looking at us like we were crazy. "I'll never do that either!" I said as I raised my hand for a high five in which she immediately responded to. Everyone else just laughed at us.

We spent the whole day talking about nothing and everything. It was already 6 pm when I decided that they should leave to the party that was gonna happen tonight. Every single year, a group of kids from our school throw a big New Years' party. I knew some resistance would happen but I was determined on making them all go. I texted Drew earlier telling him to come in an informal tux. The party was more like a formal party. Girls wore dresses and the boys wore tuxes. Most of those clothes would end up all around the house by the end of the night. Nevertheless, it was the most anticipated party of the year which is why I was going to make sure they all go.

"You guys, it's time to go get ready." I said with a smile. They all looked at me like I was crazy. "Oh come on. You guys have to go. For me. Cause I can't go." I said using the sympathy card. Did it work on my friends? Not at all. "Yes, and that's exactly why we're not gonna go. I speak for myself when I say, I'm not going anywhere." Zoe said as she leaned back on her arms to show me that she's getting comfortable. I narrowed my eyes at her. "If you don't go, then you're not allowed in this room." I said threateningly. Amber, Tasmin and Leanne looked a little scared? Zoe just narrowed her eyes as Rox sat there with a smirk on her face.

"Yeah, like that'll get us to leave." Rox scoffed. Zoe rolled her eyes at me. "We'll just sit outside then." Zoe said with a shrug. "I don't want to go." Leanne spoke. I looked at her trying to make her understand. "Please, Lee. Do you understand how it makes me feel that you're all not going because of me?" I said using my best puppy dog face. She shifted uncomfortably. "I wasn't even invited by the people who are throwing the party." she said in a low voice. "You don't have to be invited by them personally. It's an open invite for everyone." I told her trying to convince her. She looked torn. I really wanted them all to go to the party for two reasons. The first reason being me no wanting them to miss the party because of me. The second reason is because the boys were coming tonight from the UK and they're supposed to meet the girls there. I also called Brandon and asked him to meet them there and he said that he'll take Rox's cousin, Bruce, with him.

A soft knock echoed through the room and Drew's head popped in. I smiled and when he saw me, he grinned at me. He walked into the room and he was dressed in a tux. He looked so se- Makaela stop it. He's Drew. I looked at the girl with a small smirk on my face. "Fine you guys. Leave the room. I'm not gonna talk to you all either." I said faking sadness. "Makaela stop being a bitch." Zoe said with narrowed eyes. "I'm being a bitch, Zoe? Imagine being stuck in a freakin' hospital bed and having your friends stay with you because you can't go!" I said in frustration. She huffed in annoyance and got up to leave the room. The rest followed her. When Leanne was about to get up, I held her hand and pulled her down at the bed. When Drew was about to leave, I winked at him marking our plan. He smirked and nodded before leaving the room.

I turned to look at Leanne as I held her hand in mine. "I'm sorry" we both started at the same time. "Wait, I wanna go first please." I said. She nodded. "I'm sorry I bursted at you like that. I had absolutely no right whatsoever. You were trying to help and I was a complete bitch to you. I'm so sorry, Lee." I said sincerely with regret. I felt really bad. I should feel bad. She shook her head. "No, I'm sorry. You were right. I had

No right coming in here and say that I understood why you were going through. Why you went through is much worse." she said as a tear rolled down her face.

"No, it was my fault. But please don't cry. I'm trying this new thing that I'm not gonna cry every often." I said with a smile chuckle as I wiped her tear away. She laughed softly. "Now come on, get up. You gotta get ready for the party." I said as I pushed her off the bed slightly. She squealed in surprise before standing up. "I really don't wanna go." she said as she fiddled with her fingers. I pulled the best puppy dog face I could muster. She groaned. "Ugh, fine." I laughed and pulled her in for a hug before she left the room.

So this was how I'm gonna spend New Years'. All alone. At least my friends aren't gonna spend their New Years' in a hospital room. Which was all that mattered. They didn't have to suffer because of me.


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