The Accident (Picture of Makaela)

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Hey guys! This is my first story I've ever post on here. I hope you like it. I take criticism but not too harsh, 'kay? Cause it's my first story. Thank you xx


Imagine the perfect beauty. Long blond hair, blue/green eyes, long slim legs, skinny figure, full lips, the perfect angled face and a small nose. Then imagine me. Long straight brown hair, brown wide eyes, high cheek bones, nice body with curves in all the right places, natural rosy fullish lips and a small nose. Not so bad, huh? Well, I just wish the outside could match the inside. When people see me they usually describe me as "beautiful" but I don't agree. Wanna know why? It's cause every time I look in the mirror I feel disgusted by myself. Anyways, my name is Makaela Peters and this is my story.

Let me take you back six years ago. My mom, dad and I were going on a road-trip to go visit my dad's college best friend. He just got another kid, making them 5 in total. I never got a long with his kids, they were what I would call brats. We were sitting in the car on our way over there. We were all laughing and joking around. Then I asked my dad a question that I don't even remember now. He turned around for a mili second to answer me and he turned immediately. When he turned it was already too late. We swerved down the road and crashed. It seemed like everything went by too fast for me to grasp what was going on because when I looked up all I could see was a faint light. My mom was speaking softly and her voice filled with so much love as if nothing happened, calling my name "Kay! Kay darling. Please answer me. Tell me you're okay. My baby please say you're fine. Please. I love you baby". "Mama I-I-I'm oo.." was all I managed to croak out before I passed out. At the time if I had known those would be one of the last words I'll ever hear my mom say to me, I would have fought to try and stay awake. But at the time I couldn't feel anything. 

I woke up to the sounds of beeping. When I opened my eyes I thought I was in heaven. All I could see was a bright white light. My vision was blurry at first but after several blinks I could see normally. "Wh-Where am I? " my voice coming out raspy and husky as if I've been screaming for hours. Wait.... Wait... WAS THERE JUST AN ACCIDENT?!! "You're in an ambulance" a masked man answered me. Well that answers my question. Then suddenly I remembered, "WHERE ARE MY MOM AND DAD??!" I yelled as I frantically tried to get away. It seemed that I was tied up. "They're okay. They're on their way to the hospital too. They're being treated. Don't worry. Calm down, please. CALM DOWN!" He ordered when I still kept trying to get away. "You're wearing a neck brace for your neck and it could seriously damage it if you kept moving!" I didn't care because for now all that mattered was that both my parents were okay. After all, he is a  paramedic and he would tell me if my parents weren't okay, right? Wrong.


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Like it so far? I hope so. I promise it gets more interesting. Tell me what you think :) -Sylvana

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