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   Willow's wracking cough jolted Bucky's attention away from the window where he was watching a family of deer graze. Willow's immune system was incredibly weak because of her spinal injuries and the medication she had to take. So she'd managed to catch something, probably just the flu or something else that Willow considered to be mild. 

  She was currently taking some sort of medicine that Warren's wife Claire had prescribed her. Claire was a nurse. Willow had a talent for getting incredibly loopy off of really mild things. So for the past day she'd been half delirious. 

  Bucky grabbed her bottle of medicine and walked into their bedroom, "Okey dokey, it's time for your meds Willow."

"Dude, I literally took them like four seconds ago."

"More like four hours."

 When Bucky knelt down to give Willow her medicine, she grabbed the front of his shirt and whispered, "Buck, you are a jellyfish in a sea of cucumbers."

  Knowing that Willow was half out of her mind when she was on medicine, Bucky smiled and nodded, "Thanks Sweetheart."

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