4th of July

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   "Ugh," Willow mumbled, pulling her pillow further over her head. It was the 4th if July, and one of their neighbors was setting off fireworks at 2 am. You would think that they wouldn't hear anything, since their closest neighbors were five miles away. But you did.

  "This is awful," Lulu complained, walking into Bucky and Willow's bedroom. 

 "Oh hello Lulu, care to join us?" Willow said, sitting up. Her silver hairy was frizzy and sticking out in every direction. 

  "Lulu, what is it?" Bucky asked tiredly.

 "Are your hick neighbors every going to sleep?"

 "Probably not."

  "Well, it is the 4th of July after all... Happy Birthday America!" Willow shouted, grinning. "Buck, no ones sleeping tonight anyway, so let's be happy for America."

  Bucky smiled at his wife before collapsing back on the bed, pulling the sheets over his head, "Goodnight America."

    "Ahhh, Fourth of July," Lulu said sagely. "It's the day that people put American flags outside their homes expecting a visit from Captain America."

  Willow and Lulu could make up a story for just about anything, and this wasn't any different. 

 "He arrives in a sleigh powered by eight bald eagles, handing out fireworks," Willow grinned.

 "Children leave a bowl of doritos out for him."

 "Happy Steve-mas boys and girls." 

 Bucky's laughter sounded out from beneath his pillow, "Oh my god Willow!"

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