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   "This is going to be so awesome," Lulu commented, looking over Willow's shoulder at her latest painting. 

 "God, Lulu, your shirt is shedding. There's a piece of glitter on my tree," Willow flicked it off with her paintbrush. "Glitter gets everywhere."

"I know isn't it awesome? And glitter never really goes away either."

"Add it to the list," Willow grinned.

"Okey dokey," Lulu whipped out her phone and began typing.

"What list?" Bucky asked from his position in the kitchen, he was currently attempting to use the coffee maker.

"Willow's funeral plans."

"Her what?! Willow are you okay?"

"She's fine Buckaroo. Willow and I have each others funerals planned out now, just because."

"That's really morbid, but okay, whatever makes you guys happy," Bucky pulled up a chair next to Willow and sat down. "Willow, what horrific things do you want Lulu to do at your funeral?"

 "I'm going to pack the coffin with ashes and glitter and then have it explode all over everyone!" Lulu said brightly. 

"Your going to what?!?"

"Yeah, and I'm going to dress up as a reincarnation of the doctor for her funeral," Willow said calmly.

"You two are out of your mind," Bucky ruffled Willow's hair, "But I still love you."


    This chapter is dedicated to my best friend. May we never have to actually put our funeral plans to use for the other. 

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