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       Willow and Bucky had volunteered to watch Warren's daughter for the weekend, since Warren's wife was working and Warren was away on business. Willow smiled widely as she watched Bucky sitting cross legged across the floor from little Annie. Annie was Warren and his wife Claire's baby girl, and since both of them worked on weekends, Willow and Bucky were watching Annie almost every weekend. Bucky loved Annie, and when she was visiting he would sit and play with her for hours.

   Right now Bucky and Annie were attempting to build a massive tower from legos. Willow rolled her wheelchair into the living room, "Alright children, I made lunch."

 "We're almost there, just one more block," Bucky said, handing a canary yellow block to Annie.

  Annie accidentally knocked the top block off and the entire tower was sent tumbling down, cascading in a tumble of brightly colored blocks. Bucky clutched his hands to his chest in an expression of mock horror, "Oh no! The towers gone!" He fell backward like he'd been shot. Two year old Annie tumbled backwards too, imitating Bucky. 

   "And the walls came tumbling down," Willow said dryly. "Can we eat now?"

  "Yeah, come on Annie, " Bucky stood up, and Annie grabbed onto the leg of Bucky's pants to pull herself up. Reaching down, Bucky picked Annie up, and setting her down on Willow's lap, headed into the kitchen.  "I bet you I eat all the food before you two losers!"

  Bucky vanished around the corner, and Willow heard a muffled cry, followed by a loud thump. Her SHIELD training took over, and she immediately pulled Annie closer to her chest, burying the girls face in her shoulder. Willow reached out with her mind, able to sense that Bucky was still alive and okay. Then she quickly reached under her wheelchair and pulled the pistol that she kept strapped to the bottom of her wheelchair out. Holding Annie against her shoulder, so that if she did indeed have to shoot someone, the child wouldn't see it. 

   Stepping out of the kitchen was an agent dressed simply in a suit, "Don't shoot me Ms. Dariela."

 Phil Coulson was standing in front of her, holding a small pistol. Willow glared at him, "What did you do to Bucky?"

 "I simply used an 'icer' pistol to knock him out. It contains a low dose of a sedative, just enough to knock our friend out. He was taken quite by surprise," Agent Coulson said calmly. "Lovely home you have here."

 Willow glared at him, her knuckles turning white on the handle of the pistol as Tony Stark entered the room behind Coulson. 

 He smirked at her, "Is there something you want to say Dariela?"

   "I have lot's of things I would like to say. But I can't say any of them with my niece present," Willow growled. 

  Tony plopped down on her couch, continuing to smirk at her, "Oh thank God, she's your niece, for a moment there I thought that the mind reading sociopath had procreated with a mass murderer."

 "What are you doing here Stark? Coulson, how dare you bring him here?" 

 Stark opened his mouth to speak, but Coulson held up a hand, "Mr. Stark if you would let me speak. Agent Dariela, we need your help translating a piece of information-"

 "Let me stop you right there," Willow interrupted. "I'm not doing crap for SHIELD. Coulson, I have the utmost respect for you, but I'm retired. Furthermore, I refuse to do anything that has anything to do with Tony Stark. Get out of my house."

 "Dariela, I can still manage to throw you and your mass murdering husband into prison," Tony snapped. 

  The glass in a nearby framed photo cracked, and Willow's voice hardened, "Get out of my house. I won't ask again."

 "Thank you for your time Agent Dariela," Coulson said, grabbing Stark and pulling him out of the room. 

 As they left, the two men didn't see Willow's hand raise or her eyes glow. They would be fine as they got in their separate cars and drove away, but they would never be able to find their way back to Willow's house. They wouldn't remember her address and they wouldn't remember the information that led them to her. 



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