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     A layer of snow at least 4 feet thick covered the ground, ice covered the roads. Lulu had showed up at Willow and Bucky's house right before the roads closed, she'd brought a sled and was currently sledding down the massive hill behind the house like a child. Bucky and Willow were bundled up against the cold, Willow's wheelchair was almost frozen to the ground.

  "Hahahha! This is amazing! You guys have to try this, it's amazing!" Lulu giggled.

"I'm good. I don't fancy dying!" Willow called back.


 Willow glanced at Bucky, he was grinning at her.

"No, no way."

"Come on Willow it'll be fun."

"I hate you both."

  A minute later, Bucky and Willow were sitting in the sled. Bucky was sitting behind Willow with his arm wrapped around her. 

 "We'll go slow, that way no one ends up tumbling off a cliff. I promise," Bucky said softly, leaning down to whisper in Willow's ear.

"I'm not afraid of sledding down a hill with almost no incline. Besides the fact that your going to be dragging your arm through the snow behind us the same way that Lulu did when we were kids, so we won't be going very fast."

 "Goooood Luck!" Lulu shouted, pushing them as hard as she could down the hill. 

 Willow and Bucky sped off like a bullet down the hill, the snow blowing into their faces. Willow was absolutely terrified, she hated flying down the hill, it brought back memories of flying off the cliff after being possessed by Thanos. She thought Bucky would be freaked out too, but he seemed to be laughing. Willow vaguely remembered that Bucky had memories of sledding with Steve, maybe that was why he was enjoy this.

  Then the end of the sled hit a rock and they were both sent flying. Willow and Bucky ended up sprawled together in the snow, Willow laying on top of Bucky. 

  Bucky grinned up at Willow, brushing the snow off her nose. "That was fun."

"No Bucky. We almost died. Stop smiling you big dope," Willow laughed.

"I love you," Bucky kissed Willow's nose.

 "I love you too. Why though, I don't know." Willow and Bucky stayed there in the snow, Willow laying on top of Bucky, until Lulu wondered down the hill to make sure that they both survived their little adventure. 

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