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       Lulu woke up with a pounding headache, which wasn't surprising considering the amount she'd had to drink last night. Cursing quietly, Lulu rolled out of her bed, and stumbled out of her room. She was currently living with her best friend, Willow Dariela, and Willow's husband Bucky. Lulu didn't bother changing out of her pajamas, or brushing her hair, or even washing off last nights makeup. She just wanted a massive black coffee with a side of french toast. 

    But of course Willow and Bucky were outside flirting with each other, on the porch. Lulu glanced at her watch, it was only 10 o'clock. Bucky was an early riser, he liked to get up before the sun and go and tend to his garden. Like an old man. After trading a few loving and good humored insults with both of her friends, Lulu headed back inside.

  Willow followed her, "Just a sec Lulu, I made breakfast."

 Bucky walked in past Lulu, "I'm jumping in the shower, save some of whatever you made for me."

 "Will do Buck-aroo," Lulu laughed.  "Willow, how'd you sleep?" Lulu wiggled her eyebrows suggestively at Willow. 

  Rolling her eyes Willow exclaimed, "Oh God Lulu, what is wrong with you? I swear to the powers almighty you have the mental state of a highschool boy."

  "Easy there Mrs. Barnes, I didn't say anything. I just noticed that both you and your glorious hunk of russian angst were up later than usual this morning."

  Willow threw a pancake at Lulu, it hit her in the face, and then dropped to her plate. Lulu was speechless for half a second, "That was an amazing shot."

  Both girls broke out in peals of laughter, giggling like they were kids again. 

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