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  "Well. This is fun." Lulu said dryly for the third time.

 "So get out of the hotel room and go ride a roller coaster or something. Our dinner reservation isn't until 5 o'clock and it's only like 3:30," Willow retorted. "We went with you while you were running around jumping onto roller coaster all morning. I need to rest."

"Ugh. You sound like an old person. Besides, I'm the only one having fun, you and Bucky just sat on the pier the whole time."

"Lulu, that's because your the only one who likes roller coasters. I'm here for the massive Wildlife Preserve that's five minutes from the hotel, not the amusement park. And though it may have escaped your notice, I can't exactly board a roller coaster."

  Lulu flopped down onto her bed with a sigh of exasperation, "No, but really, what are you two doing? I mean what are you going to do today?"

 "We're doing it," Bucky said, "This is it." Bucky and Willow were laying  on their bed, Willow was trying to read, one hand absently playing with Bucky's hair.  "Why don't you go out with Warren and his kids, I'm sure Alex would love his Aunt Lulu to go on some coasters with him."

 "Look at you two, just happily cuddling, makes me sick," Lulu said, giggling. "Besides, Bucky, why do you want me out of the room so badly?" Lulu raised an eyebrow.

"Oh God in Heaven Tallulah," Bucky sighed.


   An hour later, Lulu was bouncing up and down in place while she waited for Willow and Bucky to get ready. They had a reservation at a fancy restaurant just outside the park. Lulu was wearing a short, frilly ,blue dress and matching blue heels which added about 3 inches to her height. Lulu knew the only reason Willow was going to a fancy place was because Warren and Claire had made the reservations, they were celebrating Claire's promotion and had invited Willow, Bucky, and Lulu. Lulu couldn't wait to see what Willow would wear, considering Willow had worn jeans and a flannel plaid shirt to her own wedding. Willow hated getting dressed up. 

   "Hey, guys hurry up, we're going to be late!" Lulu yelled.

  At that exact second, the door opened and Bucky and Willow came out of their room. Lulu was shocked, Willow looked like a princess, or maybe a fairy. She was wearing a shimmery black dress, it looked like the night sky. Of course it went all the way up to cover her collarbone, Willow would rather be crucified than wear something low cut. Her silvery hair was pulled up into a bun, and a few tendrils of silver hair had been curled and hung down. This was one of the few times Lulu had ever seen Willow wear makeup, and she looked beautiful. Bucky was wearing black suit, with a black glove pulled over his left hand.

 "Wow, Willow, you look amazing."

"Well, I feel like a barbie doll. I'm going to set myself on fire. The only reason I'm dressed up is because Warren said there was a dress code thing and they wouldn't let me in if I didn't meet it."

"I'm pretty sure Warren was lying, but whatever," Lulu grinned.

  The restaurant was only a short walk away, and as they got up to the front, Lulu realized that there were about twenty stairs, steep stairs, leading up to the entrance. Crap. 

 "Umm, maybe my eyes are suddenly not working, but does anyone see a wheelchair ramp?" Willow asked.


"I'm sure there's one Willow," Bucky said hopefully.

"I'll go in and make a pest of myself," Lulu said, and cheerfully ran up the steps in her two inch heels like catwoman. This wasn't the first time she'd had to find a way for Willow to get into a building, and Lulu doubted it would be the last. People were surprisingly insensitive about people who were disabled, and some of them didn't bother making things with people who had trouble getting around in mind.

  Opening the door, Lulu grabbed the first server, who stared down his nose at her, "Hey Buddy, I need to see the manager.

 The man looked down and sniffed, "I am the manager."

"Well done for you. Listen, my friends outside and she's in a wheelchair, is there a wheelchair ramp I don't see?"

The man sighed, "Yes, it's on the side. We don't have ramps on the front because it ruins the aesthetic of the restaurant."

  Lulu resisted the urge to slap him, "Alright thank you."

 She bounded back outside, Warren and Claire had arrived and were standing behind Bucky and Willow. 

"So Jerkface said the ramp was on the side, not in front because it would be ugly."

"Sweet. Thanks, we'll be right in."

  Claire and Warren went on into the restaurant, and Lulu walked behind Bucky as he pushed Willow's wheelchair. 

 In front of them was the steepest wheelchair ramp Lulu had ever seen. It was like one of the roller coasters she'd been riding.

 "Well," Willow said dryly, "That's a death trap."

 "We can do it Willow!" Bucky said encouragingly. 

 "Yippee." Willow sighed.

   Lulu knew there was no way Willow could roll her wheelchair up the steep incline, and she was thankful that Bucky didn't wait for Willow to have to ask. Bucky grabbed the handles of Willow's wheelchair and pushed her up the ramp, Lulu had no idea how.

 Inside the restaurant Warren and Claire were already sitting and their table, and the waiter was sanding behind them, he sniffed disapprovingly at Willow. 


   After ten minutes of the waiter/manager being rude to Willow, Warren snapped completely. Lulu was grateful it was Warren that lost his temper, and not Bucky. She could see Bucky nearing the point of beating someone with a chair, but Willow kept whispering in his ear. Willow couldn't calm her brother down.

 Warren stood up suddenly, standing taller than the snooty man who'd said something about Willow ruining the atmosphere of his place with her wheelchair, "Listen Buddy, we happen to be paying customers. Or at least we were, my group and I are leaving. So you can shove your restaurant directly up your-"

"Warren!" Claire cut her husband off. "As my husband was saying, we'll be going now."

   Everyone followed Bucky as he pushed Willow's wheelchair out the side door, and down the rickety steep ramp. Lulu thought that if Bucky had let go of Willow's wheelchair, she would have gone flying down the ramp, crashed into the road, and died. But Bucky kept a firm grip on Willow's wheelchair.

  "Sorry about that Willow," Warren said sheepishly.

"It's not your fault. I'm so sorry I ruined your evening."

"It wasn't your fault that guy was an idiot Willow," Claire said.


  An hour later Bucky and Willow were sitting together on the pier, looking out over the water. After the restaurant disaster, they'd gone and eaten at a small cafe, and gotten burgers and fries. Now they were sitting there eating soft serve vanilla ice cream, and sword fighting with their plastic spoons. Claire, Warren and Lulu had gone back to the hotel.

  "You looked beautiful tonight Willow," Bucky said softly, brushing a stray piece of Willow'a hair back behind her ear. "But then again, I always think you look beautiful, even when you haven't showered for a week and your covered in dried paint and clay."

  Willow smiled, Bucky loved it when she smiled, and he'd meant what he said. Whether Willow was in ripped jeans and a band t-shirt or paint stained clothes, with her silver hair tangled and messy, he thought she was beautiful. She was the same woman that he'd seen for the first time over eight years ago when he'd woken up in her house, the same bright, lively eyes and clever smile. A smile which was up there among food and water among things Bucky found essential to his life. 

 "Thanks Buck. I think you look pretty snazzy yourself." 

 Bucky wrapped his arm around Willow's shoulder, leaning over and kissing her cheek. Willow turned around and kissed his nose, "I love you."

"I love you too."

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