Why are you in a Wheelchair?

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Bucky, Lulu and Willow were sitting in the corner of Castine's General store, simply watching people go about their day. Bucky and Willow were sipping their coffee, Lulu was trying to discretely pour vodka directly into her coffee cup.

One of the guys who'd just walked into the store, Lulu guessed he was about 17, turned and walked over to Willow and Lulu. He seemed either hungover or drunk, at this point Lulu couldn't tell.

Taking a seat opposite from them, he gave Lulu and lopsided smile and then eyed Willow's wheelchair. "Hey, how'd a lady like you end up in a wheelchair?"

Lulu heard the distinct sound of Bucky's metal fist clenching under the table, and was strongly considering flinging her coffee at him.

Willow began turning around, checking the sides and back of her wheelchair.

"Willy," Lulu asked, "What are you doing?"


"For what?"

"The sign."

"What sign?"

Willow finally stopped looking, fixing the boy in front of her with an icy glare, repyling without looking at Lulu. "Oh just the one on my wheelchair that says 'I have no privacy so please ask me about this possibly horribly traumatic experience in my life to satisfy your curiosity."

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