Character Intro- Willow

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  Willow Dariela is the main female character in my trilogy Shattered Thoughts. I thought I'd explain a bit about each of the characters and what they represent. First off, Willow is paralyzed from the waist down, a decision that has caused a lot of controversy in the comments section. To those of you who have an issue with me making my main female character disabled; have fun with your life without a soul. 

 Anyway, I made Willow disabled because in my opinion almost all female heroes are 'perfect.' They have perfect bodies, and are liked by the male characters because they are "pretty." Willow wasn't made to fit the conventional idea of what someone who is desirable looks like. Willow is incredibly tall, and she often towered over the heads of her male coworkers. She has had silver hair her entire life, which she often kept cut in a pixie cut, because she didn't want it getting in the way of her job. After an incident where the winter soldier left her unconscious next to a bomb, Willow was paralyzed from the waist down. Her entire life, people have been telling her that she can't do things, and each time she has managed to prove them wrong. That's the entire base line of her personality.

 Willow was perfect for Bucky simply because she can be anything he needs her to be. Whether it's a shoulder to cry on, someone to help him through painful memories, someone to laugh with, or someone to slap him and tell him to get his head straight.  In Book two, Bucky remembers his three suicide attempts. The first two times, Willow bandaged him up. The third time, she'd slapped him and ranted at him, asking him what he thought Steve would do, knowing Bucky couldn't find a single reason to live, then she'd spent the rest of the night hugging Bucky. Willow is capable of a deeper level of understanding than anyone when it comes to Bucky's situation because she has been in similar situations herself.

 Willow's sharp wit, sarcasm, and sense of humor are qualities that fit well with Bucky's personality, and she shares those qualities with her best friend, Lulu. In addition to being telekinetic, Willow is a powerful telepath, and has helped Bucky overcome HYDRA's programming. Willow is the only presence Bucky is comfortable with in his mind, because he trusts her completely.

 Willow is also close friends with Steve and the rest of the team, aside from Tony Stark. Though you would think that they would be friends, considering they both have it in them to be sarcastic twits. However, Stark's habit of bieng uncomfortable around Willow due to her abilities, and his outright hatred of Bucky cause Willow do dislike him as much as he dislikes her. 

 Anyway, that's just a brief look into Willow's character. See you all in the next chapter!

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