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    Bucky felt something pushing down on his chest and something heavy across his face. Someone was smothering him, something across his face. A thousand thoughts flurried though Bucky's mind. Who was attacking him? Where was Willow? 

  His eyes snapped open, and in a split second the fingers of his metal hand tightened around the knife he kept under his pillow. He had it up in a second and brought it to his attackers throat, and found himself staring up into a pair of big, emerald green eyes. A shaggy black dog was sitting on his chest, the dog's tongue lolling out of his mouth, smiling down at Bucky.

 Sighing in Relief, Bucky brought the knife down, and the dog leaned down further, licking his face; obviously not caring that Bucky had almost slit his throat. Bucky set the knife gently onto the bedside table, and then roughly rubbing the dogs head. "Sorry buddy," he whispered.

  Willow rolled over to stare at them, her silver hair tangled and still blinking the sleep out of her eyes, "Bucky, did you just try and stab my dog?"

 "Umm.... I just. He startled me is all, and he's fine, I don't stab until I've seen my attacker," Bucky mumbled.

 "Dude, you have got to stop sleeping with the freaking knife; one morning I'm going to try and wake you up and I'm going to get stabbed." Willow yawned, pushing her silver hair back out of her face. "Beside, you can just throw them through a wall or something. Okay Hachimitsu ?"

"Alright. Promise," Bucky wrapped his good arm around Willow, pulling her closer to him and kissing the top of her head. 

 "Good, being stabbed by my husband is not the way I want to go out."

   Sirius stuck his wet nose, under Willow's arm, and managed to wiggle between Bucky and Willow, licking Willow's face. 

"Sirius, really buddy? She's my wife." Bucky  said, ruffling the dogs black fur, and scratching Sirius under his chin. The dog tilted his head back, his tail thumping against the bed. "And," Bucky went on, "I think she loves you more than she loves me."

"Ahhh, I love you both," Willow said, rubbing the dog's head. "Such a good boy. The dog doesn't try and stab people who wake him up."

 "I'm sorry. Alright?" Bucky grinned at Willow. 

"Anata wa ahodesu"

"Willy, I don't speak Japanese."

"I know."

 The door to their room opened, flooding the room with light. Lulu May threw herself onto their bed, "Good Morning Lovebirds!"

 "Oh god, Lulu. Honestly? Do you have any sense of privacy at all?" Bucky muttered, burying his face in his pillow. 

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