First ones up on Christmas morning

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     Willow and Bucky were sound asleep at 7 o'clock on Christmas morning. Willow's niece and nephew were spending Christmas with them, because their parents were working. Bucky was sleeping on his side, his back pressed against Willow's back. 

  A sudden weight descended on Bucky as someone jumped on top of him, and began jumping on the bed.

 "Uncle Bucky! Auntie Willow! Wake up! It's christmas!" Annie clambered on top of Bucky and began trying to shove him off the bed.

 "Up! Up! Santa's been here!" Alex had started pulling Willow out of bed.

 "Alright guys!" Bucky grinned sitting up, and rubbing Willow's back gently, "Willow, it's time to wake up." 

  Willow mumbled what Bucky assumed to be a string of swear words, and rolled away from him. "Noooo." She put her head under her pillow.

  "Auntie Willow, it's Christmas morning!" Annie jumped up and down on the bed.

"Come on guys, let's see what presents you got!" Bucky laughed, jumping out of bed, and picking Annie up, putting her on his shoulders.

   Alex trailed after them, and they left Willow where she was. A pillow pulled over her head.

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