Random Sentences

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   One thing that Bucky loved about Willow was how random her thought process was when she was tired. Willow also talked in her sleep. Sometimes it was something really sad and depressing and the result of a PTSD induced nightmare. But other times it was the weirdest most random sentences. 

  Bucky kept a running list of his favorite things she'd said when she was asleep. He had just finished writing what she'd said last night in his notebook. Bucky wrote down everything he didn't want to forget, because in the back of his mind was the intense fear of his memories being taken again.

 Normally they were incredibly random, things like "Claude Faustus had no redeeming qualities" or "Tis, I, the frenchiest fry", or "Potatoes are family. And family means no one gets left behind." On that night in particular, Willow had sat straight up and said, "Alright guys, let's bedazzle everything." Then she'd flopped back onto the bed and gone straight to sleep. 

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