Coffee or Cappuccino?

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    Willow and Bucky were sitting in the single small diner that occupied their small town, waiting on Willow. Buck smiled at Willow as she kept shooting furious glances at the bar. 

   Lulu plopped down, her hair was now bright green and curly. "Hey there boys and girls!"

"Hey Lulu. How are things at SHIELD?"

 "Ummm, let's see. Tony Stark's an idiot and I'm going to backhand the next male agent that tries to flirt with me," Lulu growled.

 "So nothing new?" Willow quipped. 

 "Girl, why are you glaring at the waitress behind the bar like she killed your kitten?" Lulu asked.

 "It's not the waitress she's glaring at, it's the cappuccino machine," Bucky said holding back a laugh.

  "Why do you hate the machine?"

 "It's a diner, I come here because there isn't a freaking cappuccino machine," Willow shouted. "Some things need to be sacred. In America there is a line between coffee and foamy crap, when that line is blurred people become animals. I'm not dunking my doughnut into some foamy crap- I didn't join the air force for this!"

  People at the diner were shooting Willow apprehensive glances, and the woman behind the counter was rolling her eyes. It was obvious that this wasn't the first time Willow had had this same outburst.

  "I didn't join the air force for this. These things need to be preserved. I didn't get shot at for cappuccino!" Willow went on.

 "Willow, honey. Hush. We know you hate the cappuccino machine," Bucky said quietly, putting his hand on Willow's arm.

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