Happy Thanksgiving Part 2

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   After they had eaten, everyone was sitting on the back porch, watching the sun set. Claire was rocking Alex, who had fallen asleep and Annie was sound asleep in Warren's lap. Lulu was on her third bottle of Octoberfest ale, sprawled out on the stairs. Bucky and Willow sat facing the forest and hills that were behind it. 

 "Willow, let's head down to the barn. There's something I want you to see."


 Bucky grabbed the handles of Willow's wheelchair, and rolled her down the ramp and onto the path he'd built that summer. The cool evening breeze blowing Willow's hair up and over her shoulders. 

  Pulling open the barn door, Bucky stood aside so Willow could steer her wheelchair in. "Bucky, why are we in the barn? If I didn't know you, I'd think you brought me out here to kill me."

 "No. I've got a surprise. In fact it's both your birthday gift and your Christmas Present rolled into one."

 "Bucky you didn't have to get me anything," Willow smiled. "And If you did you should have stuck it somewhere other than the barn."

   "That wouldn't have worked," Bucky opened one of the stalls and led out a glossy black and white appaloosa mare. He knew Willow loved horses and that she'd used to ride them all the time before she'd been paralyzed. Bucky had been talking with Warren's wife Claire, who was a doctor. Claire had told him that she had several patients with spinal cord injuries who enjoyed horseback riding. She said that the canter of a horse was almost similar to the movements a patient would feel if they were walking. So Bucky, Warren and Lulu had all pitched in to adopt Willow a horse.

"Oh My God Bucky," Willow gasped. She reached out and let her hand rest on the horses forehead. "She's beautiful."

  The horse rubbed it's head against Willow's hand, as though searching for a treat. Willow laughed, throwing her head back with her eyes shining.

 "You like her?"

"I love her Buck. She's perfect."

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