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   "Willow you won't guess what I found!" Lulu said, sprinting down the stairs.

 "Oh for the love of God," Bucky muttered. 

  "No Buckaroo, your really going to love this!" Lulu shouted, plopping down on the couch across from Bucky. 

 "What is it Lulu?" Willow asked tiredly. Her eyes were lined, and her face was full of exhaustion. 

"I found a photo from back when Willow and I were teenagers!"

 "Oh my god. No," Willow said, reaching for the photo. "I should have burned that!"

  "Aha! Nope!" Lulu waved the photo inches away from Willow's outstretched hand. 

  "Oh Lulu, this I have to see," Bucky said, reaching for the photo.

 As soon as he saw it Bucky let out a rough laugh, "Oh my gosh. This is amazing."

 The photo was wrinkled, but you could still see it. There were 7 kids on the roller coaster, six in rows of two and then the seventh in the back. There was a couple kissing in the front, and behind it another couple, where the boy had his hand over his girlfriends eyes. Behind them were a vaguely familiar pair of girls. And behind them was a single boy. 

  The vaguely familiar pair of kids were Willow and Lulu. 

 "Oh my gosh Lulu, are these two you and Willow?" Bucky asked, peering closer at the photo. 


 "Bucky, give me that photo. I need to throw it into Tartarus."

  "Look," Lulu said pointing out people in the photo. "The nasty couple making out in the front was Brenden and Lucy. Willow and I hated their guts. The two behind us is Luke, he's got his hands over Jane's eyes, like he's trying to protect her innocence."

 "What about that guy in the back?"

"You mean the one who's looking like he's waiting for Jesus to take him away?" Willow asked. "That's Jake."

  Lulu and Willow were the pair of kids in the back. Willow's silver hair was chopped short around her ears, with several long pieces hanging over her eyes. Her nails were painted black, and her face had the expression of someone who would rather be strapped to the front of a train than be where they were. 

 "Look at Willow!" Lulu crowed.

 Willow groaned, putting her head in her hands, "I was such a freak. Oh my god."

 "No Willow, I think you were cute," Bucky smiled, leaning over and kissing Willow's cheek. 

 "Thanks Buck," She said, her cheeks turning red. 

 "Look at Lulu though!" He laughed, pointing at the picture. Half of Lulu's head was shaved and the other half of her hair was dyed bright orange. She had red contacts in so she looked like a demon. There were piercings in her nose and lip, and had on heavy gold eyeliner. "Lulu what were you trying to be?"

 "Oh, I wanted to be in the Circus as a kid," Lulu said proudly.

 "Now that we've all seen the photo and laughed, please let me burn it," Willow said dryly. 

"No Willow. This is precious, this is the first photo I've ever seen of you when you were a kid. This is going into a frame," Bucky said, holding the photo out of Willow's reach.

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