Musical Theatre

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     Willow, Bucky, Lulu and Steve all sat in the living room of Bucky and Willow's house. They sat together laughing and sharing memories from when they were kids. 

  "Wait, I've got a story. Willow, remember that God awful Play we had to do our Freshman year in High school? The Romeo & Juliet / Dr. Suess one?" Lulu said, settling back against the couch and taking a swig of her drink.

  Willow grinned, "The Bear County High School Drama Department presents: The Suessefication of Romeo and Juliet. Staring the costume closets I wanted to hide a body in and the scissors that tried to take my foot off." Willow spread her hands as though announcing the name of the new queen of England.

"Tried to take your foot off?" Bucky asked.

 Lulu ignored him, and added to Willow's statement, "Followed up by the door Brennan hates and the trees everyone but Lucy wants to burn."

 "Prologue by the freaking fuzzy fabric," Willow added.

"Oh and a shout out to the stairs that tried to kill Richard and the Jesus door," Lulu followed up. 

"The stairs that tried to kill Richard?" Steve asked, confusion evident on both Bucky and Steve's faces.

   "Plus a dedication to the old woman walking her dog outside the funeral home, the schizophrenic man at steak and shake and Alexander's random flying dragons," Willow finished.

"All in all, it was a horrific time," Lulu giggled. 

"I have known you two for years and I still have no idea what half of you say is," Steve sighed.

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