Happy Thanksgiving Part 1

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    Everyone was coming over for Thanksgiving at Bucky & Willow's. Warren Dariela and his wife, and their two kids. Lulu May, Steve, and Wanda. It made sense for them to have Thanksgiving at Willow and Bucky's house in Maine, because there wasn't anywhere else for them to gather. Willow and Bucky hadn't celebrated Thanksgiving together yet, because for the past five years they had been busy every year. Doing Avengers business for the first four years, and then the last they had been in a one bedroom apartment. That had been a rough time, it was only a few months after Bucky had been released from SHIELD, and Tony Stark had been going outside the law to find them- so they'd been in a run down apartment complex. They hadn't had any of their possessions with them, Willow had dropped their stuff at her brothers house until they found somewhere permanent and out of Stark's reach. So they'd used a large box as a table, and had shared a box of StoveTop stuffing, which they'd eaten directly out of the pan. It was still one of Bucky's favorite memories. Willow and Bucky taking turns scraping the stuffing out of the pan with a spoon. 

 "Bucky!" Willow's sharp voice jolted Bucky out of his thoughts. "Could you please move before I drop this on your head?"

  Willow was levitating a baking pan full of something a few inches away from Bucky's head. He stepped quickly to the side, and the pan lowered itself to the counter. Willow had been cooking all morning, and for someone who said they didn't cook very well, Willow was an excellent cook. Willow had told Bucky that morning that they'd never had Thanksgiving at her house when she was a kid, her parents were always too busy fighting, and that after she'd run away she never had anyone to have Thanksgiving with except Lulu. So Bucky wanted to make sure this Thanksgiving was special, he had a surprise in the barn out back. Bucky had spent the entire summer building that barn, he loved to build. 

  The doorbell rang, and Bucky opened it to see Warren and his wife, as well as their children, all bundled up against the Cold Maine November wind. Warren's wife Claire bustled in holding a tin covered plate, she pushed Annie and Alexander in ahead of her. 

"Good to see you again Bucky," Warren said clapping Bucky on the back. Claire was pulling Annie's jacket off while also keeping Alexander in check.  

  "You too Warren. Hey, how are you liking your job as a Game Warden?"

"It's a good job, and it's much safer than SHIELD. Claire likes that I work close to home and it has nothing to do with aliens or anything too dangerous. Apart from the occasional smugglers firing off pistols that is."

 "Uncle Buck!" Annie grabbed the bottom of Bucky's shirt and tugged on it. "Where's Auntie Willow?"

 "She's in the kitchen."

 "I'll take the kids in and give her a hand," Claire said, picking Alex up and heading towards the kitchen.

  Someone from outside slammed into the door and it burst open to reveal Lulu sprawled on the ground. "Happy Thanksgiving!" Came her muffled voice.

  Steve and Wanda were standing behind her, both grinning at their friends foolishness. 

 "Hey! Do you people want to eat tonight or not?" Willow shouted from inside.


   Everyone was sitting around the circular table in Bucky and Willow's dining room. Claire sat next to Warren, her black hair pulled up in a messy bun, Little Alex balanced on her lap. Lulu's hair was dyed an outrageous shade of orange, and it was incredibly frizzy. Annie sat next to her, drawing swirling designs in the mashed potatoes on her plate. But the most beautiful part of it all, in Bucky's eyes at least, was Willow. Her long silver hair was shiny and hung to her waist, and her eyes seemed to laugh and smile at the same time. 

  Bucky felt Willow's calloused fingers curl around his hand, she smiled up at him, "I love you," she whispered.

 "I love you too," He grinned. "Are you having a good time?"

"Yes, I am."

 "Oh God, you two aren't doing the whole 'lovers hold hands under the table thing' are you?" Lulu cut in from across the table, raising her eyebrow. 

 "Lulu, I swear I'm going to throw you into oncoming traffic."

"Not in front of the children!" Lulu made an expression of mock horror. 

 "Hey, what's for dessert?" Claire interrupted, feeding Alex another spoonful of broccoli casserole. 

 "I'll get it," Willow began rolling her wheelchair towards the kitchen. 

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