Night Flyer

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 This is a one-shot taking place after the events in my other story NIGHT FLYER. if you haven't already read it SPOILER ALERT.

  Willow glanced out the window, Bucky was still trying to convince their horses to head out of the pasture and into the barn before it started raining. Willow's horse would dance just within reach of Bucky and then bolt away at the last second, like she was playing a game of tag. A sharp sizzling sound snapped Willow's attention away from the window. God she hoped she hadn't managed to burn another grilled cheese.

  Grabbing the spatula, she flipped the sandwhich out of the pan and onto a plate. There had been a time when she could have used her telekinesis to pull the sandwhich out of the pan, but now even using her abilities just a little bit took far too much energy. Bucky had made her swear to do everything normally until they could figure out why using her abilities suddenly took such a toll on her. 

 Setting the plate down onto a tray with a glass of water, Willow balanced it on her lap as she rolled her wheelchair out of the kitchen and down the hall. 

 Stopping in front of the guest room, Willow knocked on the heavy wooden door. "Steve?"

 There was no response. If that had been Bucky locked in there, Willow would probably be worried sick. She sort of felt bad that she didn't feel the same way about Steve, but instead of worry she was just filled with irritation. Normally she would have been able to unlock the door with her mind and force it open, but her promise to Bucky kept her from doing so.

  She smacked her palm loudly against the door, "Steven Rogers! You open this door right now, do you hear me?"

  The wooden floorboards creaked as someone walked across the floor and the door was unlocked.

 "Steve, you know good and well this door is too heavy for me to open."

 The door swung open and Willow was faced with Steve's retreating back as he went back to his position sitting in chair facing the window. Holding back a sigh of irritation, Willow rolled her wheelchair into the room and parked it next to Steve's chair.

 This room probably had the best view of all the rooms, the window faced the treeline, where wildlife tended to venture out to nibble on the plants in one of Bucky's gardens. Steve had been sitting in the chair, staring out the window for the past three days. 

  Willow held up the tray with the sandwhich, "Eat."

 Steve stayed silent, his blue eyes vacant, staring out the window. 

 "Steve," Willow said forcefully, "I know you can hear me. Take the freaking sandwhich."

"I'm good thanks Willow."

 Willow rolled her wheelchair around so she was facing Steve. "No you're not."

 Steve gave her a sad smile, "I'm fine thank you. I don't need anything, I just needed somewhere to crash for a few days."

  Sighing, Willow rolled her eyes, "I'm aware that you don't want to be a bother. I don't care if you want to sit in here and rot. But Bucky's worried about you."

  That was a lie, Willow was worried about him. He'd been devastated when a mutant by the name of Namara had been killed a few days ago, he hadn't said anything about it, but Willow had seen right through him. He'd cared about Namara, and he blamed himself for her death. She didn't need telepathy to see that. 

 Steve's face darkened, "I'm sorry. I don't want him worrying about me, he's got enough on his plate to worry about."

 Steve was talking about Willow being so weak recently, getting sicker. Her already fraying temper was close to snapping, "Don't pity me Rogers. I don't need it."


 "Steve, I know Namara meant a lot to you. But you've got to get back into the swing of things-"

"It's my fault Willow, I couldn't save her."

 Willow reached out and put a hand on Steve's shoulder, "Steve it wasn't your fault. Besides, I overheard you telling Bucky about what she said before she died. She was tired Steve, miserable. All her friends and family were dead, she had nothing left for her here." Willow sat back, crossing her arms, "You do. You've got Bucky, you've got your whole Avengers team. I was inside Namara's head Steve, I know she would have wanted you to live your life."

 "I know Willow. I just need some time."

"Good, glad we got that over with," Willow's voice hardened. "So eat the sandwhich. You haven't had anything to eat since you got here and starving yourself isn't going to do you any good."

 "I'm just not hungry Willow."

 Willow set the tray down on the desk next to Steve, "Eat the freaking sandwich Rogers or so help me I'll get Bucky in here and we'll force feed you."

 With a slightly rueful smile this time, Steve grabbed the grilled cheese and took a bite. "Happy now?"

 Turning her wheelchair toward the door, Willow called over her shoulder, "I'm never happy Rogers."

 She left him alone with his thoughts and the sandwhich. When she got back to the kitchen Bucky was in there, leaning against the counter. "How'd that go?"

"After I threatened him, I got him to take the sandwhich."

"Should I go talk to him?"

 "No, give him time."

"Alright," Bucky bent down, brushing his lips against Willow's cheek. "Whatever you say."

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