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     Willow and Bucky sat under a tree at their local pumpkin patch in Castine Maine. Castine was a small town, and they'd been there for a little over a year. One of the benefits of Castine being a town with under 1,000 residents was that it didn't attract any attention from SHIELD. Being a rural town, many of the residents didn't watch the news, and didn't recognize Bucky. Most of the town just knew them as Bucky and Willow Dariela. Willow loved Halloween, so she and Bucky put pumpkins up in their house every year. This year, Steve and Lulu had come over for Halloween.  

    Lulu was currently arm wrestling with Steve over a pumpkin. 


   After they'd grabbed their pumpkins, everyone had gone back to the small house Willow and Bucky were renting. It was an old house that had a massive stone fireplace running up the center, and a porch that wrapped around the back. Bucky and Willow had gotten permission from the house's owners to build two wheelchair ramps. One in the front, and one that led up to the back porch. Bucky had spent most of the summer building them himself, Bucky enjoyed building, probably because he had spent a large portion of his life destroying things. 

  It had taken Willow about fifteen minutes to carve her pumpkin, and Bucky had decided not to carve one. He and Willow were sitting on the back porch of the house, looking out over the yard. It was a beautiful yard, thick grass, which led into a forest. Bucky had his arm wrapped around Willow's shoulders, and together they watched a small family of deer grazing on the acorns that had fallen from the trees. Willow was doing her best to block out the sound of Lulu and Steve arguing inside the house. 

  "It's so peaceful isn't it?" Bucky asked softly. "The forest."

"Yeah, it is. Has a bit of a timeless quality. I feel like I could watch the forest and the wildlife forever."

"So let's do it. I've been talking to the older lady that owned the house, she doesn't want to own it anymore, says she's willing to sell. We could buy this house, and finally stay in one place." Bucky paused, "I didn't say anything because I wasn't sure if you would want to stay here. But we've been here for over a year, and you seem happy. Would you want to stay here? We could have a life."

  Willow ran her fingers through Bucky's hair, and kissed his forehead, "I'd love to."

 "Awww! You two make me sick." Lulu interrupted from behind them. "So your going to finally get settled down Willow? Are you feeling dizzy or something?"

 "God Lulu, you just don't have any idea of personal privacy," Willow groaned. 

    "Look at us, we're in love and happy," Lulu said in a high pitched whiny voice. "We're in love and happy- and not dead inside. Go die in a hole." 

"Come on Lulu, you know you love us," Willow laughed.

 Lulu grinned, "Gods, next thing you know, you will be baking pies and joining an amish community."

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