Chapter 19

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Jak's POV

I sit at the lunch table with all my friends except for Rocco. Where is that adorable cutie?
"Have you seen Rocco?" I ask Trinity and Seth.
"Nope. Sorry." Seth says but Trinity look extremely worried.
Last time he showed up late, he had gotten beaten up. But Dylan and Mitchell are here...
Rocco enters the cafeteria.
I relax knowing he's safe.
He sits down across from me, confusing me. He normally sits beside me.
"You okay?" I ask softly.
He just shrugs and continues staring at the table.
I stay quiet not knowing what to say.
Trinity sends me a confused glance and I just shrug not knowing why Rocco is acting so weird.

The bell rings signaling the end of lunch and Rocco gets up to leave.
"Wait." I say looking at him.
Everyone else gets the hint and leaves, leaving me and Rocco alone.
"What's wrong?" I ask again.
"Nothing. I'm fine." He says.
I know something's wrong though when he doesn't smile. If something was wrong he would've faked a smile and if there actually was nothing wrong he would've smiled. But now he just looks so upset.
"There's obviously something wrong." I say walking around the table so I'm directly in front if Rocco.
"I'm fine." He says stubbornly.
"Forget about it."
"Come over tonight and talk to me please?" I beg.
"Yeah. Okay." He mumbles looking distraught.
I reach my hand out to grab his but he jerks away from me.
"Im sorry." He mumbles than literally runs out of the cafeteria leaving me so confused.

Rocco sits in the passenger seat, completely silent and fidgeting all car ride.
He still looks really upset.
We finally get to my house and the two of us hurry up the stairs and into my room to avoid my mom. 
"What's going on, Rocco?" I ask.
Tears fill his eyes 
"We need to break up."
My heart feels like it literally shatters and the glass shards of my heart pierce my skin everywhere.
I feel tears fall down my face and it feels like the world stops.
"You don't... You don't mean that." I mumble my bottom lip trembling as I hold back sobs.
"I'm sorry but I do." He says, crying.
Why is he crying if he's the one breaking up with me?
"You can't just break up with me like this?" I feel like I can't breathe.
"Please just forget about me. It's for the better." He says.
"Please don't do this." I sob grabbing his hands.
"Don't make this harder than it has to be." He says shaking.
"If it's so hard then why are you doing this?" I cry.
"I'm sorry. I have to." He says pulling his hands out of mine.
I quickly take his face in my hands and press my lips to his.
Our salty tears mix and fall to the floor together as we share our last kiss.
"I'm sorry." He says pulling away from me and backing out of the room.
"Rocco! Don't do this! Please! I... I know I haven't known you for that long but I care about you so much. Please don't do this! I can't be without you. I need you Rocco." I practically yell then my voice drops to a whisper, "please."
"Bye, Jak." He whispers then he's gone. Out of my house, out of my life, out of my heart and I wish out of my mind but now he plagues my every thought  thinking about the way he just left me. He left me with no reason, just a sorry, a goodbye and tears. Oh god, the tears. It feels like I gave someone my heart and they threw it on the ground and stepped on it.
My body is shaking and crying. my heart is breaking and feels like it's trying to escape my body. But my mind...My mind is numb to everything. I can't think but I'm happy, I don't want to think of what just happened.
I briefly remember my mom coming home and walking into the room. I think she tried to talk to me for a while but gave up after a while.
I ended up falling asleep on the floor after my tears had all but dried up.

I wake up with a yawn and stretch uncomfortably. I get confused when I realize I'm on the floor.
That's when memories of last night came rushing back to me making tears fill my eyes again.
I struggle to blink them away not wanting to wallow in self pity like I did last night.
I decide to go shower but that's not a good idea. Showers are the best time to cry. And that's what I do. I sob my heart out on the shower floor. The water runs cold along my back and I figure it's good a time as any to try to pull my act together.
I clean myself then step out of the shower. I try to get dressed, I really do but everything reminds of Rocco.
That shirt I wore to his house for the first time, that's the shirt u wore the first day I met him, those are the jeans he borrowed from me, blah blah blah.
I end breaking and calling Trinity, crying.
"Hello?" She asks.
"T-Trin? C-c-can y-you come o-over?"
"Be there in 5."

I cry my eyes out to her telling her what happened.
"Oh, Jak. It'll be okay. Your so much better than him. He never deserved someone like you. You have to just forget about him. You guys barely even dated for 3 weeks!" She says.
"But that's thing! Rocco has always been so nice and caring and sweet and nothing but perfect then he just breaks up with me!?" I exclaim.
"He just an attention seeking little arse who doesn't deserve your time. Just forget about it and show him that you don't need him. That you don't care about him anymore." She says.
"But I do! I care about him so much, Trin."
"I know." She whispers pulling me into a hug.

I'm not crying, you are! I honestly feel so bad for both of them and none of this actually happened. I am still so tired but I will try to update again!


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