Chapter 7

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Jak's POV

8:45 am I walk into the huge school but I'm only set on finding one thing.
A small beautiful boy who I need to help. At least talk to him.
"Have you seen Rocco?" I ask Seth.
"No hello?" He says with a small laugh.
"No! I need to find Rocco!" I say my worry escalating.
"I haven't seen him, why?"
I run my hand through my hair and spin around looking for the small boy.
That's when I see the brunette being shoved into a locker by some kids.
He looks like he's crying as he looks up at them.
I hurry my way toward them but the hall is packed.
The group of kids punch him a couple times each before slamming the locker shut and locking it before running away just as I arrive.
I tap lightly on the locker.
"Rocco?" I call out softly.
The hall is a lot less crowded now that class is about to start.
"Jak." I hear Rocco whisper.
"Yeah. It's me. Who's locker is this?"
"Mine." He mumbles shamefully.
"Combo?" I ask.
"5-32-12." He says his voice cracking a little bit.
I unlock it quickly and Rocco stumbles out with a small cough.
"You okay?" I ask quickly.
"Yeah. I'm fine. A little claustrphobic." He explains.
"Oh okay. Who were those kids anyways?" Rocco just shrugs and looks at the floor pulling his hoodie sleeves down more.
"Rocco?" I ask slowly.
"I'm going to go to class now." He says moving away from me but I'm quick enough to grab his sleeve.
"Wait, Rocco, please. I deserve an explanation to all of this." I say feeling upset again.
"I know but not now okay?"
"It's not okay! This isn't okay. Just tell me one thing, did you cut yourself yesterday?" I say.
Rocco doesn't answer giving me my answer. The bell rings and the hallways are completely empty now.
I hold both of his hands in mine then I slowly start rolling his sleeves up.
Tears start slipping down his face as I reach the beginning of the white gauze on both wrists.
I get both sides up and carefully unwrap the gauze.
Deep, angry marks line all the way up to his elbows.
"Why, Rocco?" I say feeling tears fill my eyes and Rocco is crying.
"I-I-I'm s-sorry." He sobs.
"I'll be right back, okay?" I whisper.
I kiss his forehead before running down the hall to the office.
Luckily, it's empty and I grab the first aid kit before sprinting back to Rocco.
He's now sitting on the floor, back pressed up into the wall, knees pulled into his chest, entire body shaking with his heartbreaking sobs.
"Rocco, sweetie. It's okay." I say sitting beside him.
He looks up and I feel my heart break. His brown eyes are bloodshot and his bottom lip is quivering.
He's gasping for breath and he can't stop crying.
"Sweetie, please stop crying. You're okay." I say. 
I sit beside him and pull him close to me. He sobs into my chest.
"Rocco, please calm down. It's okay. Calm down. It's alright." I comfort rubbing his back. I make my breathing slow and exaggerated.
He copies it and soon he's almost calm.
I take his arms and inspect them carefully.
"This might sting a little bit." I say.
I clean up his wounds again before rewrapping them.
"All done." I mumble.
"Thank you." He whispers not looking at me.
"No problem."
"No seriously, Jak. Thank you for everything." He says looking up at me with big sad eyes.
"You know we still have to talk about this right?"
"I know. Just not now. I think I've cried enough for one day."
"Okay. Come over to my house this afternoon, okay?"
"Fine." He sighs.

Last chapter I accidentally mixed some things up and I had to fix the ending slightly so go back and reread that if you haven't!

666 words!


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