Chapter 17

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Jak's POV

"Rocco? Wake up. Please." I say shaking him gently. Tears fill my eyes.
Trinity comes running down the hall towards.
"What happened?" She asks with wide eyes.
"I don't know. What-what do we do?" I ask panic setting in.
"Calm down. Let's take him to the nurse. I'm sure he's okay." Trinity says calmly.
I nod and get up holding Rocco's small form close to my chest.

An hour later, I'm sitting outside the nurses office with my knees up to my chest and my head in my hands.
My body had gone numb a long time ago and luckily my tears had dried out.
Trinity had stayed with me for the first half an hour but the nurse made her leave. She let me stay because apparently I looked really obviously distressed.
But then the door opens.
I jump to my feet with wide expectant eyes.
"He just woke up. Take it easy. I'll give you two a moment." She says leaving the door open for me.
I immediately run in finding Rocco easily.
I stop at the edge of his bed.
Rocco looks up and jumps up. He wraps his arms around my neck and rests his head on my chest. I wrap my arms around his waist and hug him tightly yet carefully at the same time.
After a moment he pulls away and my eyes widen at him. His face is badly bruised and I don't even know how bad it is under his shirt.
"Who did this to you?" I whisper caressing his face gently.
He look guilty for a moment then answers, his voice soft and almost not distinguishable.
"Dylan and Mitchell."
They would never.... But the proof is right in front of me. Rocco would never lie to me.
"I'm going to kill them." I almost growl.
"No! Wait! Please just stay here with me." He says pouting.
"Fine. I'll kill them later." I say sitting on the bed beside him.
He sighs and visibly relaxes.
"When can you leave?" I ask.
"I don't know.. Apparently my nose is broken and I have 2 broken ribs. But other than that, just bruises. They already gave me some painkillers and there's not really much else you can do with noses and ribs." He mumbles.
"They broke 2 of your ribs and your nose?" I gasp.

The nurse lets the two of us stay in te room for the rest of the afternoon and we just spend the time cuddling, barely talking, just enjoying the each other's company and the silence.

It's been a couple days and Rocco has convinced me not to kill the two of them but now I always leave class as quick as possible and walk Rocco to his next class and I'll walk with him to and from lunch.
I think Rocco's getting a little annoyed with me but I can't help it. I don't want him getting hurt anymore.

It's free period so were in the forest again.
Rocco is situated in between my legs, resting his back against my chest, my and around his waist.
Trinity is sitting across from us texting Seth.
"Can you please just tell him?" She asks. She asks this question at least 3 times a day everyday and the answer is always no but I've started thinking about it.
Seth could be another person to protect Rocco. Me and Trinity do a pretty good job but obviously not good enough if Rocco ended up with broken bones this week.
"Yeah. I've been thinking and yeah. I think we should tell him." I answer.
Trinity smiles happily.
"I'll tell him to come over here right now!" She says excitedly, grabbing her phone and skipping off.
"Really?" Rocco exclaims happily.
"Yeah!" He turns around in my arms and kisses me.
I pull away from his addictive lips and rest my forehead against his.
He's practically lying on top of me but I'm not complaining. Though he's extremely skinny which worries me in the back of my mind.
A couple minutes later Trinity and Seth come back and Rocco gets off me quickly, blushing like crazy.
Trinity is laughing and Seth looks extremely confused.
"Okay, Seth. Um... I'm just going to say it I guess. Me and Rocco are together. We have been for 18 days." I say.
"That's cool! I'm happy for you guys! Is that why the three of you are always hiding out in the woods?" Seth says taking everything so much better than I ever thought he was. Rocco also looks extremely relieved.
"Yeah! And now I don't have to be a third wheel. It can be more like a double date!" Trinity says excitedly.
Seth laughs and kisses his girlfriends cheek.
"Thanks for being cool about us." Rocco says. Seth smiles brightly at my boyfriend who smiles back.

And three becomes four.

Kind of boring chapter but I have an interesting chapter coming next! This was kind of like fluffy I guess? Whatever. It's already 12am oops. Only going to be getting like 6 hours of sleep tonight but whatever XD


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