Chapter 28

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Rocco's POV

Panic courses through my veins as Jak slides off the back of the truck and lands on his feet easily. He looks upset, confused but most of all, Angry.
I quickly, ungracefully, jump off too wanting to make sure he doesn't get hurt.
"Son? Are you seriously saying that you are Rocco's dad?" He asks sounding deadly calm.
"Yes. I'm here to take him back home where he rightfully belongs." Dad slurs.
Jak wraps on of his arms around my waist, pulling me close to his side.
"He doesn't belong anywhere near you!" He says angrily.
"I could easily call the police. He's still rightfully in my custody."
"If you do that we can easily say that your an abusive, alcoholic parent who isn't able to take care of him." Jak practically growls his grip on my waist tightening.
"And where's your proof?" Dad asks sounding victorious.
"Pictures. You have pictures don't you?" Jak asks me softer.
I nod shakily.
"Rocco has pictures after you've beaten him up so I suggest you get out of here before we call the cops or child services on you." The ginger spits.
"I'm not scared of you and I will have him back with me some day." My dad says bitterly walking off.

I take a small step away from Jak wanting him to cool off before talking to him.
He paces back and forth beside the car.
"Jak... Please calm down." I say my voice just barely a whisper but somehow he managed to hear me.
"I can't calm down! Your f**king abuse father just showed up randomly and wants you back? There's no way in hell-"
"Please stop. Just calm down." I say quickly my voice still quiet.
He finally stops in front of me and my eyes fill with tears.
"H-he w-won't ever h-hurt me a-again, r-right?" I stutter, tears dripping down my face.
"I promised you he would never hurt you again, and he won't." Jak says sincerely.
"I swear to whatever god or being there is watching over us that you'll be safe." He says smiling a little bit.
"Thank you." I mumble wiping the tears from my face.
"It's not a problem. Your happiness comes before the world." He says cheesily.
"I... I love you." I whisper loosely wrapping my arms around his shoulders nervously.
"I love you too. And I always will." He smiles kissing me passionately.
"We should probably be heading home soon." He mumbles resting his chin on my head as he pulls me into his chest.
"Can I... Can I stay with you tonight?" I ask breathing in deeply.
He always smells so good, like a mixture of homemade cookies, ax, and strawberries.
"Of course, darling." Jak says.

Jak's POV

I remember how Rocco used to be.
It's weird to think about how different this small, beautiful boy is.
He's always been perfect and always will be in my eyes, even now when he's asleep curled into my side, he looks perfect.
I remember on the first day of school how shy, timid, scared and sad he was. I remember what a terrified, small, upset, lonely, little closed boy he was. And now?
Now he's getting better.
If the whole thing with Matty didn't happen, I'd be able to call him happy but I can't. Matty tore all his progress down like the terrible person he is.
He ripped away Rocco's happiness like it was some kind of sick joke.
I honestly hate him with a burning passion.
But I know Rocco can get better.
I know he can be happy.
I can try to help fix this broken boy.

Rocco's POV


I wake up feeling the hot tears pouring down my face and the cold sweat on my back.
It felt like my dad's thick hands were still wrapped tightly around my throat cutting off my breathing. I felt my lungs tighten for air but a small part of me knew it was fake and tried to slow my hyperventilating breath.
I quickly stumble out of bed, careful not I wake Jak up and my vision dots black with my lack of air.
I make it to the bathroom and splash cold water on my face making the fingers on my neck disappear and my breathing slow again.
What if my dad does get me?
What if Jak's promise is broken?
What if Matty gets to me again?
What if Jak calls the police and they deem my father and Ben unfit to take care of me and send me away to another foster home?
What if-
So try to stop my crazy thoughts but I can't. I knew one day I'd get over my insecurities and my paranoia and my depression and my demons but right now, right here, I can't think of anything besides them.
My mind floods with all the bad scenarios and everything bad going on right now, blocking out the good in my life.
I tug at my hair wanting it to just stop.
I accidentally let out a sob then cover my mouth with my shaking hand.
I feel like I'm going to drown in my tears and suffocate in my thoughts. 
I can't take it anymore.
Almost blindly, I open drawers and cupboards in the bathroom then-
Jackpot! A shiny box cutter sitting in the bottom drawer under the sink.
I pull my shirt right off, not caring about anything.
I put down the sharp metal for just a second so I can calm my breathing and stop my tears. I practically rip apart the box cutter like a sadistic animal.
I sink to the floor and almost smile at the perfect metal resting in my hands.
My imperfect body is covered in old scars and gross fat. But I don't even care about how many more scars there will be as I drag the untainted blade across my left wrist.
Nothing happens for a moment then blood fills the wound up up making small dots that slowly drip to the clear tiled floor.
"But you don't know what it's like
to wake up in the middle of the night,
scaring the thought of kissing razors." I sing quietly dragging the blade over my wrists over and over again.
Watching my blood pour out of my skin and stain the blade and the tiled floor. Some voice in the back of my head kept repeating the same phrase over and over again like a broken record do the world a favour and kill yourself
I feel insane but I stop myself and remember Seth and Trinity and Jak.
I wanted to wake Jak up when I looked at my arms but I didn't want to.
Blood covers the floor and my hands and the blade but my wrists are saturated in the redness.
"What have I done?" I whisper.
Carefully, I pull myself to my feet and rinse off my wrists, wincing at the pain of the lukewarm water pouring onto my wounds making the water turn red.
The blood won't stop but I wrap my arms in gauze and put butterfly bandages where the worst of the cuts were. I'd have to change then as soon as I got home and see if I had to disenfect them.. or worse, stitches.
I find a cloth and clean up the floor and the blade, putting the box cutter back together and slipping it back into the bottom drawer of the sink.

Jak's POV

I woke up feeling odd.
I felt cold and when I reached for Rocco, he wasn't there.
I shot out of bed looking around but he was no where to be seen.
I quickly exit my room and hurry down the hall.
The light in the bathroom is on so I knock of the door softly.
"Rocco?" I whisper knowing Mom would use her own bathroom.
"Gimme a sec!" He calls out but his voice is shaky and hoarse.
"Rocco, sweetie? Please come out!" I call a bit louder.
The door finally opens to reveal my boyfriend.
But his eyes are bloodshot and around it is stained red (not like blood or josh dun style..).
"What happened? Are you okay?" I ask quickly.
Something doesn't seem right.
"No. I'm okay. Bad dream is all." He says with a small fake smile.
I knew it was a lie but I decide to ignore it and hug him. He'd get mad at me if I pestered him about it.
He pulls away and smiles again this time looking a little bit more relaxed but guilty.
"I'm going to head home. I'll see you at school tomorrow." He says hurrying away before I could say anything.
Something doesn't seem right but I push it away. He just had a nightmare.

Kind of sucks but whatever. You all wanted an update so I tried.
Sorry 'bout the trigger warning, I wanted it to be in the story but I didn't want it to affect anyone reading.

Stay happy not crappy. Life's a b**ch don't quit. Peace out."

Might have been watching too much youtube again...

~Ellie :D

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