Chapter 23

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Jak's POV

Me, Seth and Trinity are all sitting on the couch watching Harry Potter and the goblet of fire.
"Jaaaaaak, will you get us some popcorn?" Trinity whines sticking out her bottom lip at me. I roll my eyes but stand up.
She smiles happily and I roll my eyes again.
I walk through the foyer trying to get to the kitchen without passing in front of the tv but just as I walk past the door there's a small knock on it. Just one single tap.
I open the door, extremely confused. As soon as the door is open a body falls into my arms. At first I think hes dead but luckily I feel him shaking.
I quickly pull him inside and into my lap.
I brush his dark hair out of his face and realize there's a gash in his forehead, blood dripping down his face.
"TRIN! GET THE FIRST AID KIT!" I scream. I rip off my shirt and press it to his wound.
I hear footsteps running up the stairs and more coming toward me.
"Why the hell do you have a dead body in my house?" Trin practically screams, "and why the hell are you shirtless?"
I'm about to answer when she continues.
"Is that Rocco?"
My eyes widen when I realize that yes, it is my exboyfriend.
"I got the first aid kit!" Seth says running back down the stairs and tossing it to Trinity who drops to her knees beside me, popping open the kit.
I grab some gauze and medical tape and fix up Rocco's forehead.
"We should get him to bed and let him rest a little bit." Trin suggests.
Me and Seth pick up Rocco carefully and go up the stairs into Trinity's room where we lay Rocco down carefully.

Me, Trinity and Seth sit on the floor beside Trin's bed.
"What happened to him?" Seth sighs.
"No idea. He literally fell through the door." I reply shrugging.
"I hope he's okay.." Trin mumbles.
"Don't you dare say that you don't care." Trin glares at me.
"Fine. I'll admit I am worried about him and I want him to wake up but I don't care about him anymore." I say.
"No offense but it's kind of obvious that you still care about him..." Seth says with a concerned expression.
"I don't." I say getting slightly annoyed.
"Just think of it this way. If Rocco told you that he made a mistake and that he was sorry and that he wants you back what would you say?" Trin explains.
I hesitate before my face falls.
"Yes." I groan. "I would say yes I still want to be his boyfriend. I still care about him so much. I'm so worried about him. Who would hurt-" I stop myself. Matty?
"What is it?" Seth asks.
I explain the entire conversation I had with Rocco earlier and their eyes widen.
"It can't be." Seth says running a hand through his short blond hair.
"Matty's been nothing but nice and kind to us ever since... Ever since Rocco and you broke up." Trinity says easily piecing together an unsolvable puzzle.
"What?" Seth asks.
"It all makes sense. How come as soon as Rocco broke up with Jak, Matty immediately tries to become friends with us? How come there's been a crazy amount of bruises covering him ever since? The only people who ever tried to hurt Rocco was Dylan and Mitchell but all of a sudden Rocco's getting beaten up again and it's not Dylan or Mitchell. There's only been one new kid since then. Oh! And don't forget the weird way Rocco was acting the first time he and Matty saw each other. Rocco was really shaken up and terrified. And the day that he broke up with you, neither Rocco nor Matty was in the cafeteria. And why would Rocco lie to you about Matty hurting him? All clues, indicators, points, everything shows that Matty probably made Rocco break up with you." Trinity explains.
Seth and me look at her with wide eyes trying to take in all the words that our intellectual friend just said.
"But why would he do that?" Seth asks.
They both turn to me.
I think quickly.
"I assume they knew each other before Rocco moved here..." I start.
"Has he mentioned anyone bad?" Trinity asks.
"Not that I- Yeah. One." I say bitterly.
"Who?" Seth asks.
"He made me promise not to tell anyone but if it helps get him back then I'll do anything. He told me that someone... Someone raped him." I answer.
"Well we can't jump to conclusions or anything but when he wakes up, talk to him please."
"I will, Trin."

Trinity and Seth have gone back downstairs to continue watching the movie while I stayed upstairs sitting in a chair beside Rocco. I had recently put a pair of loose jogging pants and a hoodie on him because he had only been wearing boxers when he 'got here'.
I scroll twitter on my phone glancing over at his unmoving body every couple minutes.

After a little while, I hear a small yawn and movement beside me.
I turn quickly almost falling off the chair.
"Jak?" Rocco says his voice soft and muffled.
"Yeah. I'm right here." I say leaning towards him.
He opens his brilliant cocoa eyes and he smiles a little bit then winces. He puts a hand to his forehead.
"Can I get an aspirin?" He asks.
I nod and practically run to the bathroom, grab an aspirin then jog back.
He swallows it easily and nods at me in thanks.
"Look, we should talk." I say knowing I need to start this conversation sooner than later.
I tell him about how Trinity already figured it all out and how we pieced together the puzzle.
He just shakes his head.
"What else could it be, Rocco?"
"I can't tell you what's going on! He said he'd KILL you and Trin if I didn't break up with you. He said that if I told you anything he'd kill you." Tears fall down his bruised face.
"Was it Matty?" I ask more forcefully.
He starts crying even harder giving me my answer.
"We can call the police and get this over with." I say sitting next to him on the bed.
"No! No, please don't." He cries making my heart ache.
"But he's hurting you Rocco. And he's sexually assaulted you before!" I plead.
"I know but what if he doesn't go to jail? What'll happen when he gets out? What if he finds out and tries to kill you or Trin? I can't... I don't want anything to happen to you." He says struggling to wipe away his own tears.
"Nothing will happen." I say as calmly as I can.
"You don't know that! I really care about you and I don't want to drag you into this."
"You aren't dragging me into anything. I want you to be mine again. I want you safe. I want to make sure that no one is hurting you. I need you to be mine again. I can't stand you getting hurt anymore. I thought I didn't care about you but I can't help myself. Your just so cute and adorable and beautiful and just perfect. And I hate the fact there's bruises on your perfect skin. I hate the way your hurting. Because whenever you hurt, I hurt."
Rocco smiles gently through his tears and presses his lips against mine.

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