Chapter 22

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Rocco's POV

I pace my bedroom back and forth and back and forth.
Jak will either go completely ballistic and beat up Matty after I spilled it to him or hell come and talk to me.
Either way Matty will get mad at us and probably beat me up and potentially kill Jak.
I'm supposed to be going over to Matty's right now but I don't even bother. If I don't go over there, he'll come over here.
Ben is over at his girlfriends and will be there until tomorrow afternoon so it won't even matter.
I'm currently wearing a black hoodie and black skinny jeans, my normal everyday outfit.
At 6:30 there's finally a knock on the front door. I jog down and open it up.
Matty walks into the house looking around.
"Nice place you've got here. Is anyone home?" He asks his Australian accent extremely prominent.
I just shake my head.
"Good." He says deeply.
He pins me up agaisnt the front door kissing me hungrily.
I want to throw up as I kiss him back. The last time I didn't kiss him back, he beat me up for it. I do not want a repeat of that.
He continues kissing me until I pull my head away not wanting this to go any farther but Matty just continues kissing along my jaw and down my neck.
His hands slowly trace their way down my body stopping at my hips.
"Jump." He whispers. I do as told and jump wrapping my legs around his waist. He supports me by holding my back and my butt so I don't fall.
He carries me down the hallway to my bedroom luckily guessing the right door first.
I realize now what's going to end up happening as I fall to my bed and he drops on top of me.
My body begins shaking as his hands slide under my shirt.
Complete déjà vu of last comes into my head when both our shirts come off.
He looks down at me with lust and tears roll down my face.
The blond slaps me across the face.
"Shut up, slut." He growls.
"Leave me alone." I beg feeling hopeless and helpless.
"Leave me alone." He mocks in a baby voice.
His toxic lips find their way back down to my chest and he trails kisses all the way to the top of my jeans.
I struggle against him as much as I possibly can but I'm skinny and weak and he's tall, strong and built.
"M-Matty. P-p-please j-just leave m-me a-alone." I sob.
He doesn't listen to my please and starts tugging my jeans off.
I feel numb, I don't pay attention to whatever he's doing and try to come up with a way out of here.
I finally look back up at Matty and we're both only wearing boxers. Matty's eyes are wide with lust and hunger as his gaze rakes my body.
I squirm uncomfortably but realize I have to go along with my plan. 
I wrap my arms around his neck and kiss him deeply wanting him to feel like I want this. He smiles into the kiss and grinds into me making my eyes fill with tears again. I have to do this quickly.
I flip us over so I'm on top of him and I continue kissing him. I don't know why I feel so guilty doing this, I don't even have a boyfriend now...
I force my hands to move down his body onto his bare muscular thighs.
His grip loosens on me and I take it as a chance. I don't waste a second in jumping off of him and running as fast as my short legs can carry me.
Out my bedroom door, down the hallway, through the kitchen and out the back door. I hear Matty's footsteps following me so I slam the door in his face and climb the wooden fence like a cat.
The door closes and I let out a sigh.
But he's right, I can't stay out here forever but I don't have any where to go.
If I go to Jak, he'll either get mad at me and think I'm lying or go to Matty who can potentially kill him.
If I go to Seth, he'll just tell Jak and that's already not an option.
The only other option is Trinity.
Crying, I stagger to my feet and run as fast as I can down the side streets knowing how to get to Trin's house from here.
I hear a car engine start just as I make it out of the neighbors yard.
Matty's car.
"YOU CANT RUN FOREVER!" He yells driving toward me.
I panic and start running knowing he can easily catch up to me but I go through an alley.
His car drives in past but slows not too far down the street.
The alley is, of course, a dead end.
"F**k my life." I curse looking up at the brick wall.
That's when I see a wooden door on the side of one of the walls.
It's unlocked so I run through the place completely trespassing but jail is better than Matty.
I keep running making it out of the store. I cross a field and continue running down the streets.
Trinity's house is only 2 blocks from here. I hear a car engine and panic, sprinting faster than I ever have before.
"ILL F**KING KILL YOU, ROCCO!" Matty screams out the car window.
He's not that far behind me now.
I turn and run through people's backyards not even caring.
I can't breathe anymore but I continue running, her house isn't that far.
Black dots spot my vision and I know I'll pass out soon unless I stop but her house is only a block away.
"ROCCO! COME OUT NOW AND I WONT HURT YOU!" Matty yells not that far away.
I know it's a lie but it briefly crosses my mind to stop. But I can't stop now. Her house is so close.
I don't know what I'll say when I get there but hopefully she'll let me stay for a little bit.
"COME OUT COME OUT WHEREVER YOU ARE, ROCCO!" He screams sounding insane. I have no idea how there aren't any cops here yet but I'm disappointed that no one has called them yet.
I can see Trinity's house now, it's so close. I veer through the houses onto the sidewalk and pick up the pace.
The car engine stops and now it's a bit more of a fair fight, now that were both on feet. But he's so much faster than me.
5 houses away.
4 houses away.
3 houses.
Arms wrap around my entire body, pinning my arms to my side.
Sobbing, I let out a scream hopping someone will help me.
"Your so pathetic. You can never escape me." He whispers.
He throws me to the ground and I hit my head painfully hard on the cement.
Blood immediately starts pouring from my forehead.
He kicks me mercilessly on the ground until I can no longer feel my torso.
"Stop. Please." I wheeze.
He kicks me once more in the face.
"Have fun walking home." He spits then walks back to his car and drives off.
I'm on the verge of blacking out but I sit up pressing a hand to my bloody face.
My breaths come out in wheezes and my body shakes. Somehow I'm still crying though my tears should've ended forever ago. How do I have so much blood and water in my body?
I struggle to my feet but manage.
And I limp my way down to Trinity's house.
I finally make it after several falls to my knees.
My knock on the door is small but I can't manage anything more.
I end up collapsing forward but I don't hit the ground.
Someone's arms catch me.
"Rocco?" Someone gasps lightly.
That's not Trinity. That's a male voice... The last thing I see is orange hair before I black out again, feeling déjà vu.

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