Chapter 9

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Rocco's POV

After everything that happened, Jak drove me home.
He wanted me to stay overnight but I told him that Ben needed me home by 6 but I doubt he'll even be home.
This morning I woke up and I feel like crap.
My throat hurts like hell, my nose is all stuffy, I can't stop coughing and sneezing and I have a pounding headache.
Right before I got out of the car last night, Jak wrote his number on my hand.
'Hey. This is Rocco. I think I'm sick so I won't be at school today. Just wanted to let you know.' I send.
He immediately replies with
'Hey. I'll b there in 5.'
I'm about to answer when a wave a nausea hits me. I run to the bathroom and empty the contents of my stomach into the toilet.
A sit, shaking on the tiles floor when I feel someone sit beside me.
They run my back, instantly calming me down and the toilet flushes.
I finally look up into those blue/green eyes of Jak.
"Hi." I manage to say meekly.
"Hey, you feeling okay? Well obviously not. Sorry, stupid question. But are you okay enough to go back to bed?" He says smiling softly at me.
I just nod and he helps me up.
A couple minutes later I'm tucked into bed with an extra blanket and Jaks hoodie on.
Jak is in the kitchen making soup for me.
He finally comes back and places the steamy bowl on the bedside table.
"Why are you so nice to me?" I ask genuinely confused.
A look of pure hurt and sadness crosses his face.
"You know how sad it is for someone as beautiful and sweet and perfect as you to have never have had someone care about you." He says looking down at me with desperate eyes.
I don't answer I just look away unable to stay focused on him.
"It's just never happened before." I finally sigh after a while of silence.
He all of a sudden smile and sits beside me on my bed.
I sit up not liking him being so much taller than me. 
He grabs the soup bowl and tilts my chin up. With the small plastic spoon he scoops up some chicken noodle soup  and holds it under my nose.
"Open up." He says smiling like a dork.
I roll my eyes at him but do as he says.
He continues feeding me the soup, laughing when he misses my mouth.
After I'm done with the soup we decide to put on a movie on his laptop he brought.
We start scrolling through netflix, now sitting beside each other.
He finally picks out poltergeist which I'd never heard of before.
It turns out to be a scary movie, I hate scary movies!
I'm so jumpy and easily terrified.
About halfway through the movie I end up almost on his lap, my arms around his middle, one of his arms loosely draped across my hips, the other holds my back.
Someone jumps out on the screen making my bury my face in Jak's shoulder whimpering softly.
He rubs my back as he laughs as my childishness.
"Your so cute." He mumbles hugging me closer to him. 

The movie ends quicker than I hoped it would, I admit I loved being that close to the ginger, and Jak's across my bedroom packing up his laptop.
"Jak?" I ask shyly.
He comes back over to my bed and looks down at me with his beautiful eyes.
"Will you cuddle with me?" I ask in a small embarrassed voice.
"Of course!" He says soundig really genuinely happy.
He slips into my blankets next me and let's his arm drape across my stomach.
I curl up into his warmth and he laughs softly and hugs me tightly.
"Have some sleep. You need it." Jak suggests.
I nod already drifting off, I hear him continue talking.
"Goodnight beautiful. You're perfect, don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise."
He kisses my forehead gently and then I'm asleep.

This is what happens when I get really bored, I update 3 times in a day!
I just really wanted to do something cute after the past sad chapters.

~Ellllliiiiieeeeeee :P

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