Chapter 53

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Me and Arhaan were walking holding hands of a small girl and boy. They look like they're just a year and three month old. We were just walking in a park where there were benches on both side of the pathway and there were trees all over the pathway.

The weather was just so perfect, I guess it's Autumn. The leaves were freely falling, the breeze was just perfect. Everything was so perfect. We both picked up our babies in our arms and they started to giggle suddenly.

And Arhaan was smiling seeing them giggle and I was smiling by seeing them all smile. Suddenly he threw my lil boy up in the air and he started laughing more and I did the same with my lil princess. Our cutie pies were happy, what more we need...

We all were laughing and playing when suddenly Arhaan came near me and my heart beat increased. We both were looking straight into each other's eyes. He came forward and leaned then kissed my forehead.

"Thank You for everything, habibti." He said and I blushed hard. He leaned again and before he could kiss me, my boy kissed me on my cheeks making me laugh and Arhaan shocked. We both started laughing.

"I Love You, Habibti."

"I Love You to, Habibi."

And with a bam I fell down.

"What the actually hell???" I shouted.

"Well, You were sleeping like a dead, which left me with no other choice than to kick you off the bed" he said casually.

Wait....that means, it was a dream. But it felt so real. Our babies...

"You know this was the reason that I wasted no time in kicking you off the bed. What are you thinking early in the morning??" He asked cockily.

"Ways to get rid of you" I said rolling my eyes.

"Not gonna happen, you're stuck with me" he smirked.

"With a Gum??" I asked.

"Nope...with marriage" he said cockily.

"You and your cockiness!!" I said

"But still you love me" he said and gave me a devil smile.

I sighed and looked around and bam!!! I wasn't in my home nor I'm in Ashar's home...where the hell am I?? The last thing I knew Arhaan brought me to his hotel room...that means...Oh My God, I just can't spend the night with him like that?? What if we??? Oh no no...

"Wohooo...happy realization" he said in a sing song voice which irritated me more.

"Arhaan, did we??" I asked.

"Wao, you're straight..." He said

"Isn't it obvious?? Like, if I wouldn't have been straight then I would have been..." He cut me off!!

"Wait wait wait...." he said in a low voice

"You stated that..."

"Well..I meant to say that your very much straight to the point"

"But you didn't completed your sentence" I defended myself.

"Yes, because I thought you're smart but didn't thought that you'll actually be over smart" he said quoting.

"Not now's still too early" I said yawning.

"Mahira we have a flight to catch within three hours" he said in a serious tone.

"Okaayy...let me just pack up. I'll meet you straight at the airport." I said walking inside the washroom. I quickly freshened up and thanks to Arhaan that he got me a pair of new clothes. Don't know how he managed!!! After I got dressed, I walked out of the washroom.

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