Chapter 17

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I woke up for fajr and went to wake him up. It's high time now and he is not listening to he has to wake. I turned the knob of his door and it opened. He was fast asleep.

"Assalamualaikum..wake up it's time for fajr." I said. No response.

"Get up..otherwise fajr time will be over"
Still no response. I groaned..early in the morning??

"Arhaan..wake up" I was shaking him now. Instead of waking up he just turned to the other side.

"This is the last time..I'm waking you if you don't get up I'll pour water on you" I threatened him. Still no response.

"Fine I'll count till three"

"One" I took the jug in my hand which was full of water.

"Two" I went near him and placed my hand on top of him. So If I poured water it would fall on his face.

"And three" I was about to pour the water when he suddenly caught my hand and pulled me down making the water fall on both of us. I was on top of him. My hijab was full wet and his hair was dripping from water. Some of the droplets were resting peacefully on his face.

We both were staring at each other. His eyes had turned a shade darker. His sharp nose was much more prominent than before. His sharp jaws and clean shave was looking so clear and beautiful. How can someone be so handsome when he has just gotten up from his sleep???

He pulled me more closer towards to him. His grip on my shoulder and on my waist was now much more tighter than before and with a little bit of more force I was now much more close to his face or should I say his lips. He looked at my lips and then looked at me. My heart was hammering in my chest. I was afraid that he might hear it.

To say I was blushing would be an understatement..I was so red!!! He leaned a bit and was now inch away from my face..he rested his forehead on mine and cupped my cheeks with both of his hand. My heart was now frantically jumping away.

He leaned a little more and his lips brushed with mine...I was about to have my first kiss when we were interrupted by his mobile ring. We both jerked away from each other. Now my heart was practically racing from aftereffects of such a huge thing. He quickly regained his posture ran a hand over his hair, cleared his throat and picked up the call.

While he was talking over the phone I was calming my nerves down. Oh my God! He almost kissed me...almost kissed As in me??? Ya Allah...I literally don't know at that time what I was feeling...but I only knew one thing that this will be the very first intimate moment of our wedded life.

I was just not able to digest that he took the very first initiative of kissing me?? Did he wanted to kiss me or it was just the moment?? Oh God..!! I shouldn't have look like a fool at that time..what would now he would think of me?? Mahira let him think what he wants he is now your have the every right to come close to should not feel guilty about should be happy that he took the first initiative..things are changing my your eyes my conscience was now wide awake and even gave me a good lecture!!

I was sitting on his bed near I looked towards him he was now sitting with his back relaxed on the head board and his hands crossed over the chest his eyes were looking at me with such heat that I fear that I'll melt away. He quickly came near me and cupped my cheeks "What are you doing to me Mahira?? If you'll continue doing like this I might not be able to control myself..and I just dont want to force you, something which you aren't ready for" he was now caressing my cheek but his grip was very tight on my back.

I quickly pulled myself up and turned to leave but my dupatta got pulled back. Now my heart was galloping. I was so damn blushing. I didn't even have the courage to pull my dupatta from his grip. I slowly turned and looked back...he was now smirking a full good smirk. He quickly surrendered his hand upwards and motioned me to look towards his left.

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