Chapter 33

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Arhaan POV
I don't know why I explained myself to her or why I told her that, that moment wasn't a mistake. Really I not even for once also regretted.

In fact I liked it. I liked the taste of her lips, the way she moaned, the way her body responded to my touch. I didn't knew that I had that much effect on her.

I hated it when she thought that I thought it all as a mistake. I hated it when I saw pain in her eyes and how she had ignored me.

Damn this girl!!Yesterday I was not able to sleep properly so I went to her room. She was sleeping peacefully. I couldn't control myself so I kissed her on the forehead and covered her with the blanket. And to my surprise she smiled.

I stayed by her side till dawn. Before she could get up and get a mini heart attack I quickly went to my room and slept away. She was ignoring me in the morning also so I caught her by her waist and told her everything.

Now the thing that is bothering me is how will I go in front of Laiba. I have cheated her by kissing her. This is so not right!!! Suddenly my cell started ringing snapping me out from my day dream. It was Laiba.

"Hey baby" I said.

"Hello..where are you now??" She asked.

"I'm in office right now. Why??" I asked.

"Nothing..I'm coming" she said and ended the call. What is wrong with her?? Why did she sound so awful?? I quickly finished all my work before Laiba comes here and was finally saving all the documents when she entered crying.

"Hehy what happened?? Why are you crying?? I asked her. I swear if anyone have hurt her I'm gonna kill that person.
She hugged me and was now crying uncontrollably.

I started calming her down by making soothing circles on her back. She was sobbing away making my heart ache in the process. Finally she calmed down and I gave her a glass of water to drink.

"Laiba what happened?? Why are you crying??" I asked her caressing her cheeks which are now tear stained.

"Why don't you ask Mahira?? She snapped.

"Mahira?? What has she to do in this??" I asked confused.

"Yeah right!! She's a saint" she taunted.

"Will you tell me clearly what happened exactly??" I asked now impatiently.

"Today I went to your house to talk to her and to be friends with her. I thought that we'll sort out our issues and will become friends but no I was wrong. She can never be friends with anyone" she said and started crying once again.

"Calm down and please tell me everything." Now I was starting to lose my temper.

"I had took chocolates on my way. I gave her but she threw it away in the trash saying that I might had add poison in it. I ignored her this comment and told her that we both want the same person so why are we fighting with each other? Let Arhaan only decide that who he wants in his life. She got angry and started shouting at me that who am I to tell her what to do?? Arhaan is hers only. You know she called me a mistress!! I tried to calm her down but she was shouting away that how I'm a slut and had been sleeping around with you and so many with others behind your back. She even asked me to get the hell of your house because that house was hers and I was not welcome.

I even told her that if Arhaan will see your this side he'll be shocked. She said that first of all Arhaan is wrapped around on my finger and he'll never believe you. Tell me Arhaan what wrong have I done that she had verbally abused me?? My only mistake was that I went to your house to make peace with her and in return I got this!!" She was now crying.

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