Chapter 8

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I woke up to find everything was ready. My suit was ironed and it was hanging on the door of my Almirah. God this girl will never change.

Last night only I told her so many things but still it didn't affect her for once also..what kind of a girl is she?

I've seen so many girls in my life. They all literally beg me to make them my girlfriends but she...she is totally different not once also she tried to catch my attention or she did anything. She not even tried to dress properly to impress me. Whatever she wore she wore to please her God...I'm not offending her but still somehow or the other her clothes grabs my attention. Don't know why!!

I sighed and went to the washroom to see all the things were placed nicely on the shelf. When did she came in my room?? Why have I forgot to lock the door?

I took shower and got ready. After getting ready I went down. Why?? Is she behaving like this?? First the suit and now this. Why the hell has she prepared me a breakfast even my coffee was kept beside New York Times and on top of that she even prepared me a lunch box seriously am I a child??....early morning and this!! Surely my day will go bad today.

I made myself a fresh cup of coffee and drank. Then I left for the office. While driving various thoughts came in my mind what was wrong with her?? Why isn't she backing up? Why is she trying to win me?? I'm not going to be hers no never...I love Laiba and that's it.

I reached office and totally dig myself in work and work and work. After working straight for three to four hours Rehan called me. He has some work in my office so I told him to come over in this way I'll also get some time to relax myself.

After two hours he came and give me a brotherly hug. "How's your day going?" He asked sipping my coffee which I had ordered for myself. He will never change. "Work load...damn tired!!" I yawned and stretched..."Go to bhabhi she'll release all your tiredness!!" Rehan said mockingly. You are so dead now!!

I pounced on him and he fell on the floor I was straddling him from the neck. Well he was also catching me from the back...but my strength was more. He quickly raised his hands in surrender and I released him. This is what you get if you mess with Arhaan Sheikh. I smirked!!

"God you're pretty rough" Rehan complained wincing in pain. I straightened my position and gave him my best glare. "Then stop saying her bhabhi...this was just trailer there is more to come if you didn't stop" I never stop my glaring as I told him.."and please to hell with her releasing my seeing her only my blood boils!!" I was so damn angry by now.

"Why you speak so ill of her she's not that bad..I've met her that day" Rehan was defending her. "You're my best friend or hers??" I scowled at him. "Of Course I'm yours.." He said in a duh tone..."then why are you taking her side??" I asked by raising both of my eyebrows.

"Listen Arhaan I'm not taking anyone's side okay let me just ask you a simple thing tell me one thing or one habit which is very much bad about her and mind you I'm not asking the reason for your hate!!" He asked in a professional tone. And I actually started thinking one bad thing about her. I thought and thought and thought..but not one bad thing also of her came in my mind.

She was so perfect so flawless in everything. I had shouted her, told her so many things but never once also she did anything bad to me or any bad habit. She didn't even back chatted me. I noticed that he was curiously staring at me.

I opened my mouth to say something but nothing came because I actually didn't have any answer. I sighed and he got full opportunity to smirk at me!! Dog!!!

"See I told you na she's not bad it's just you hate her soo much or you hate your Dad mistake also as hers...this is the thing Arhaan. She is not both can atleast live as a civilized people if you wish to!!" He explained.

"No..she's bad like see I had asked her to not to show her face but I had not given her permission to enter my room but no this morning when I was sleeping she sneakily entered my room and made all the things ready for me. You know she even prepared breakfast and coffee for me...and you won't believe this she actually prepared me a lunch box can you imagine?? I'm not a kid that'll carry lunch box with him!! She gets on my nerves" I told him restlessly. He only laughed a full hearted laugh. I was amused to see him.

"*laugh*actually count*laugh*all these*laugh.....laugh....laugh....and he fall down*" but couldn't stop laughing. I was taking a very keen interest on him that why was he laughing so much. When he finally regain himself he sat back on his chair and drank a glass of water. Then finally he spoke.

"Arhaan seriously even a seven year old kid will know what is the meaning of bad?? You are worst than them!!" He said. How dare he insulted me!! But before I could say anything he cut me off "these all things are not bad quality these all things are her duties " wife duties" which she is performing very well. A wife has a full right on her husbands things. She has the right to make food for him. She has the right to keep everything ready for him before he gets up. She has the right to enter your room without your permission...she's not doing anything bad. You can ask this from anyone" he said with a positive attitude.

God he was totally smitten by her. Why didn't he married her on my behalf..yeah because she knew that she wanted to make my life hell and not his.... I know that whatever he's saying is correct but I'm not willing to accept her as my wife in any way!! "Don't you have to go??" I didn't wanted to be blunt but it just came out from my mouth. He just nodded his head and was about to leave when he turned and said "You're very lucky to have her you'll not know her worth now..but don't take too long to understand because you don't know what destiny has stored for you" he said and left.

What does that meant to be??? First She and now life has already begin to be a living hell!!!

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