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Three years later...

"Where's my coat???"

"Where's my sandal???"

"Where's my cell??"

"I'm hungry...."

"Giving...wait a minute" I shouted. Being a wedding planner is such a hectic profession!!!

"Here's your coat. Your sandal. Your cell and You come with me, I'll feed you" I said.

"Where's my wife??"

"Giving..." I shouted and he laughed. "You???"

"Yes me" he said pointing to himself.

"What you want??" I asked arranging the flowers.

"My wife" he said.

"I've not seen your wife"

"But I've..."

"Then find yourself!!"

"I have already found her but the problem is she doesn't give me time" he pouted.

"She must be busy"

"Of course she is. After all it's her best friend's wedding"

"If you already know the reason, then why whining???"

"Because I love my wife alot, and I can't stay away from her for a minute also". He said.

"You're lovesick!!!"

"Nope, I'm wifesick" and it was my turn to laugh.

"Huh!! Laugh as much as you want. This is what you can do!!!" He said

"Oh Arhaan, what am I gonna do with you" I said laughing.

"Nothing only one kiss and hug will do" he said casually and my eyes bulged out. Heat crept up to my neck, and I know that my ears and face is full on Red!!!

"Wifey, even after three years???" He asked and I buried my face in his chest. "Oh My!! Now what am I gonna do with my blushing wife!!!" He exclaimed.

"Excuse me Mam, they just don't want to get ready from me" Farida came forward with my two cutiepies. Yes, I'm a proud mother of twins. Last year, I was blessed with a baby boy and girl and now they are full One year and three months old.

"Why, I'm hearing complains from Aunty???" I bend down and asked them. They just giggled. Zarine and Ryan just giggled. Being a year old they have just started walking though uptil now they can't walk properly.

And Just right then my blue tooth blasted "Riiiiiiiiiii....where the hell are you?? You should stay with me today and not with your annoying husband and those two munchkins. I want you right now or I'll become a runaway bride" she yelled. God!! Sani and her drama will never end!!

"I'm coming just give me two seconds" I said. "Arhaan, you need to bathe them and their dresses are on the bed" I said.

"Oh no no...you can't do this to me??" He said hurriedly


"No Mahira, you very well know that they don't like to get ready with me."

"That's because you don't go slow with them!!"

"Yeah, whatever" he said sarcastically.

"Arhaan, Sani needs me over there. Even, I'm not ready!! Okay fine, if you'll make them dressed, I'll give you this" I said

"What???" He asked. And I quickly kissed his cheek and ran away. "This isn't over yet" he shouted. Sani must be angry, I shouldn't have left her like this. She must be pulling her hair right now!! She must be nervous, tensed after all it's her wedding day.

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