Chapter 51

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Arhaan POV

I was now tired of this life, this time and situation. I don't know how I will make her understand, she's just not ready to hear me only. I so badly want her back in my life. Want to start a new life with her, I had even started thinking of family planning. But she is she!!

"You going somewhere??" Rehan asked.

"Yeah...need to drop Mr.Bran" I said buttoning my shirt.

"Okkaayy..." He said

"Are you okay??" I asked.

"Yeah...why?" He asked.

"You seem a bit lost!! Is something cooking in your head or are you trying to cook something??" I asked.

"Yeah...Chicken Tikka" he said and we both started laughing. I quickly put on my coat, took my keys, said my good bye and walked out of the room. I quickly got in my Car and drove towards Mr.Bran's office.

I also wanted to leave, but yesterday in the morning Ashar called me and told me that the contract papers are not ready, it'll take two or three more days, so I was left with no choice and I had to stay. After that day, I didn't saw her. I kept on arguing with myself to forcefully make her come with me and explain everything to her or should I leave everything as it is.

I reached Mr.Bran's office and went in. Greeted him and waited for sometime so that he finishes his work and we can leave straightaway. After he finished, we quickly got in the car and I started driving. I may or may not be the CEO now but still I am Arhaan Sheikh, and I've got the permission to take my car in and can drop him to his jet.

I really miss my Mom, Dad, Aamna. It has been five years since I've last talked to them. It's not that I didn't called them in these five years. I called them everyday but they never received. They have shut me down for always. The charity also that takes place every year, I was not allowed to attend. Why? Because my family was there and they didn't wanted to see me so they banished me from attending them.

It all happened just because of me, my attitude and how I blindly loved and trusted Laiba. Now how do I make them understand that I've changed, changed for the good, changed for Mahira. I only know how desperately I want Mahira back with me. All these years I've gone mad without her and on top of that the marriage pull was just getting stronger day by day.

And when I saw her here, I got the biggest shock, Mahira with a child and an another guy. I know that she'll never do anything foolish but then from when and where did this child and Ashar came from??? No doubt Ashar is a very good man and a trustworthy person. He's also full of patience and humble. He's just the opposite of me...and totally suitable for Mahira. But here, I'm the husband of her, then who is he and what's his role in her life???

We reached the airport, went through the security checking, then we proceeded towards the jet. After I bid him my farewell, I got a call from Rehan.

"Hello" I asked

"Where are you?? He asked.

"Well, I just dropped Mr.Bran" I said walking towards my car. Today the weather was so pleasant, it was breezy, but it was good. I was wearing grey pants, light pink shirt with grey tie and grey coat.

"Okkaayyy" he again dragged.

"Rehan what is actually wrong with you today??" I asked. He was about to answer when I suddenly hear someone calling me from my back. I turned and saw a girl running towards me from far and was calling my name. Wao!! I still have fan following, sorry, but now I'm only reserved for Mahira.

I smiled and then again turn back when she called me again, and then my mind hit me hard!! Mahira... Immediately, I cut the call and turned back. She was running towards but the guards and security officers were also running behind her...wait!! What's happening here.

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