Chapter 39

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"I'm going to drink some water" I whispered in his ears.

I called the waiter and asked him to give me a glass of water. I turned to see him and everything stopped. Tears welled up in my eyes. I couldn't stay here anymore suddenly I was feeling very suffocated. I turned and just walked out only to be called by Arhaan.

I hurried down the corridor. Almost broke the button of the elevator in order to call it upstairs. As soon as the elevator came I rushed inside and closed the door.

"Mahira listen..wait" Arhaan came shouting.

After getting out and quickly dashed out and got in one of the empty cab. I told the address to the driver. And then I didn't stop the tears that was already flowing. I was stupid that I couldn't see him in pain when Sani punched and slapped him. Why did I cared for him even after what he did to me??

Damn me!! I could see from my window seat Arhaan's car following my cab but due to heavy traffic and signals he was always stuck behind. I was really shocked to see Sani at first and when I asked her that she was supposed to come day after tomorrow then how was she here before??

She just shrugged and answered that he deserved to be trained so she came here before the original date. I might still haven't forgiven him and wasn't even planing to do also so early. But still his words made my heart melt.

He asked me to accompany him in this party has caught me off guard. I never thought that he will actually take me with him to a party with dignity and that where all his business associates will be present. Last time when he had taken me to a party was just horrible because he was literally behind my back just to insult me.

But today he actually had made me happy. He had introduced me to many people and had actually stayed by my side every time. I was enjoying his attention alot. And the dance we share was just awesome. But no nothing can go right with me that Laiba had to put her leg in between us.

I saw them in each other's arms. How can he be with me and that Laiba in same time. I know very well that he loves her alot..he doesn't have to show it every time. No Mahira calm's only a matter of just one month and then after that you'll be free!! Calm down!! I repeated this every time.

"Drive fast" I told the driver.
I heard my cell ringing I picked it up and it was Sani.

"Ri listen to me before you cut the call" she said as soon as I picked up.

"Not now Sani..I'm not in mood." I said wiping my tears.

"I know Ri..but just listen to me once." She said.

"Bye Sani" I said and ended the call and put my cell on flight mode. I know in this it wasn't Sani's fault..but right now I didn't wanted to talk with anyone.
Finally I reached home. I quickly paid the driver and rushed inside. I opened the main gate and Arhaan entered with his car. God!! How can he drive so fast??

I quickly went inside and closed the gates and rushed upstairs but soon a grip on my hand made me turned. I was shocked how can he enter the house?? I have locked it...oh fish!! He must be having spare keys.

"Listen to me for once??" He said.

"And why should I??" I asked.

"Whatever you saw over there...didn't happen" he said.

I was confused

"I mean what ever you saw in the party is not the truth" he said.

"And why are you saying all this to me" I said.

"Because I know you are angry" he said frustratingly.

"Why does it concern you??" I asked.

"Stop asking damn questions..and listen to me" he said cupping my face and I can see that he was angry. But he wasn't that kind of angry where you feel scared. He was angry because he so desperately want me to hear him out once which I wasn't ready.

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