Chapter 36

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Arhaan POV
The nurse gave her injection and she laid down closing her eyes. What have I done?? Oh God!!! Now she really do hate me. "What the hell Arhaan didn't I told you to not to come here??" Rehan shouted snapping me out of my thoughts.

"But she has put my number in her reject list" I said.

"Are you a child?? So what if she has put..??" He said bringing me out of her room and soon I missed being close to her.

"But I wanted to know how she is?" I replied back.

"Then you should have called me. You did saw by yourself only that she lost control?? She is already not well and on top of that you're troubling her" he said.

"What?? I'm troubling her?? If you have forgotten then let me remind you I'm her husband." I said in a louder tone.

"Yeah..A husband who beats his wife!!" He taunted me.

"Listen Rehan.." I raised my finger at him but he cut me off!!

"Oh please cut the crap Arhaan!! We both know very well that you don't have slightest of feeling for why acting of being bothered?? No one is here..apart from three of us and that nurse..Quit playing games." He said.

"I'm not playing any games I really want to see her..apologize to her." I said honestly.

"Oh yeah?? Then let me tell you, you are too late to do that. When there was time you didn't bothered to do and now you are regretting?? Bullsh"t" he said.

"No it isn't late. I know her very well she has a very big heart she'll forgive me" I replied.

"She sure have a very big heart and she will forgive you because she is not a person who can hate someone for too long..but she sure is human and she have some feelings which is now long gone!!" He said softly.

"Wh..what do you mean Rehan??" I shouted.

"Nothing..I can only say that yo have to do alot of catching up before making up to her." He replied.

"I know that" I said and sighed.

" you may leave" he said.

"No I'll not leave without her. I want to take her home" I said.

"Didn't you heard what doctor said?? She can't leave home till 2-3days. She needs rest and after that also if doctor will allow then only she can leave" he said.

"Then you sure are not sleeping here." I said.

"Possessive much" he said raising his eyebrows.

" at all!!" I scoffed.


"Its obvious she won't like, you know haram halal thing??" I tried to defend me.

"Yeah..I know very well but it is not that like we are sleeping in the same room..I'll be sleeping very much in my own room which is right across this hall" he said.

No I can't allow this. " will sleep with me..I don't care!! Pack your clothes and come with me" I said.

"And what if she needs something over here??" He said.

What is wrong with this guy?? Why he is giving so many reasons to stay here. Now I'm starting to doubt. I glared at him.

"Whoa whoa calm down lion. I was only joking. And before you said about this, I had already booked a room in the nearby hotel and I'll be staying over there until Mahira is fully cured. Because I know very well that she will not like if she'll come to know that she was alone in the house with me apart from that nurse." He said.

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